Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 5: 3rd grade memories

  • Third grade. 1987-1988. For some reason I really don't remember much from this year. I know I was busy with sports and hanging out with friends and school work, but no significant huge memories stick out. Lots of little ones instead. :) I am to the left of the slide in the front row....not really sure what I was thinking with that outfit!

  • This year I remember Chris from our class stuck an eraser up his nose and it got really stuck. He had to go to the nurse and she couldn't get it out, so he started getting so scared because he had to go to the emergency room and he was afraid his parents would be mad. 
  • I also remember learning cursive and that I would practice all.the.time. There was hardly ever a time that I was without a notebook and pen. Looking back I'm not sure why I wanted my handwriting to be perfect. I would fill page after page after page with cursive writing. I would write my name, school name, teachers, friends, etc. 
  • I also remember being surprised that our teacher would leave on her lunch break. We would be at recess and we would see her leave in her car and we were shocked! :) I think we made up a ton of different stories as to why she was leaving....we said she was going to smoke, going to see her boyfriend/husband, going to the gas station to get candy. Of course she was probably just leaving to go get lunch! 
  • I remember our recess time. If we got in trouble during class time you had to stand on the huge wall and watch everyone else play. I am fairly certain I missed many recesses and had to stand on that wall.
  • I remember running track for our school and going to the track meets. I did the triple jump and the 400 meter relay. I remember our school wide fun fair and wanting so badly to dunk a teacher in the dunk tank...I don't think I ever did! So many great memories that's for sure.

  • Here are a couple of family pictures...not sure why I wasn't smiling in the first one!

  • This was also the year that Kelli, my mom and I danced. I'm not exactly sure what year we started, but I think this year was pretty close to when we started doing recitals and getting into the whole costume and dance group part. 

  • Let me warn you....watching both of these videos is hilarious! It was awful taping and the dancing was not great either! :)

  • This video was Kelli and I dancing. I'm the 4th one from the left and I believe Kelli is all the way to the right. It actually pains me to watch this! :)

  • It is also hilarious going back through my yearbook. Not sure why I decided to write everyone's name almost over their face or why I wrote "me" with an arrow by my picture. Did I not know who I was? ha!

  • My friend Krista and I were two peas in a pod. She lived about a mile away and we would walk back and forth to each others house. I loved that we literally grew up together. I remember going to her house and swimming in her pool and playing with her dog Hector and then when we were at my house we would play with our dog Nugget and friends in the neighborhood. I am so thankful that she is still my friend to this day...

  • Next week is 4th grade! Stay tuned! In the meantime, head on over to Mommy's Piggy Tales to see all of the other wonderful stories.


Denise said...

You have a ton of great pictures! How cool that you & your mom & sister all danced together!

Pepper said...

Oh my those videos were pretty funny! But what an awesome memory!!

Isn't it funny some of the things we remember like wondering what your teacher was doing on her lunch and the naughty wall at recess. LOL

MommaHarms said...

How fun to have a girlfriend to grow up with! And I love the family dance photo!

Unknown said...

I think its amazing that the girls in your family danced together, what a great experience!! Amber :)