Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11 month outtakes's getting harder and harder to get a great shot of this nonstop kiddo! Thank goodness for digital so I can check right away how many I need to take before getting 1 shot. :) This time it only took 16 shots (2 different days) to get the 11th month shot...not too shabby! Here are the hilarious ones that didn't make it...

Not sure what he was doing here! ha! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

11 months

Dear Evan,
 Today you are 11 months old and I can not believe that we are one month away from your first birthday! You love playing with Jack and throwing things to him. It's adorable to watch, especially when you shout out "Yack." You are very vocal and say many things....the ones we understand are yack (jack), dad, da-da, mama, what, dat (that), bob (bye), ha (hi), and ba-ba. It's crazy how fast you can walk and your new favorite thing is to walk back and forth in your crib, which is why it takes a lot longer for you to fall asleep. You love carrying your clothes around and are so happy when you have socks in your hand! You also have started to flail your head and body back, which is making it a lot harder to dress and change your diaper. So...hopefully that won't last much longer :) You had a busy month traveling back from Florida, getting a new swing set, seeing Tons of Trucks and Clydesdale Horses at events here in Columbia, visiting St. Louis for a birthday party, walking on Faurot Field, and the worst part of the month was you getting sick. You were sick (virus and a sinus infection) for about three weeks, but 4 of those days were just awful. You had a fever of 104* and 105* and it was scary to see you so sick. Thank goodness the medicine worked and you are now feeling better! You are growing up so fast but you will always be our little boy! Happy 11 months!
We love you! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i heart faces: Smile

I had a hard time trying to find the right picture for this week's I heart faces theme of Smiles. I kept coming back to this one though and each time I see it, it brings a smile to my face! Head on over to see all of the other wonderful smiles this week!


Cuddles and kisses :)

Evan sharing his eggs! Seriously...he LOVES carrying those plastic eggs around. Best purchase ever!
He tries to get as many as he can in his hands! ha! Silly boy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clean Up Columbia

Today was our annual Clean Up Columbia. I was one of four volunteer photographers and I had such a fantastic time! Mike drove me around since it was raining off and on, and Evan had fun sleeping! :) Here are some of my favorite shots...

  • 1,523 volunteers participated
  • 1,635 bags of trash were picked up
  • Keeping Columbia and our Earth clean! :)

Funny Faces...

Love these even though they are out of focus and blurry...he makes us laugh!
Happy Saturday!

Love this goofball! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Make new friends...

...but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Does anyone else remember that song??? :) Anyway, Mandi and I have been friends since we were babies and now as adults watching our kids grow up together is such a neat experience!

Here is a picture of us then...

And here are our kids now... Isn't that crazy!!! I love it! :)

Here are a couple more of us...

Friends are priceless!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"
-Native American Proverb

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...and finally fever free! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

24 hours

  • Not the best 24 hours... Evan started running a high fever yesterday afternoon. At first it started at 100* and then quickly climbed up to 103* by midnight. The after hours nurse told us to continue giving him motrin and tylenol and to continue to check his temperature; we also called our doctor and had scheduled an appointment for this morning since he's been sick for 3 weeks and the dr. said if his temperature went up that he wanted to see Evan again. The on call nurse also said that if got to be 104* to come on in. Thankfully it didn't get any higher than 103*. was a rough night. Evan was definitely not himself. Lethargic, unhappy, and just so hot. Mike and I felt so bad for him because there was nothing that we could do. He was up every 2 hours and we are hoping tonight is better. 

  • The doctor appointment this morning was okay. His temperature when we got there was 101* and his ears looked fine. Our doctor checked his throat and said that it looked like cobblestones and that he probably has a sinus infection since he is so congested. Evan is on amoxicillian and I gave him the first dose when we got home. After his nap, around 1 pm, when he woke up, he was so hot and I was actually scared to take his temperature. Once I did, it was 105* I had never read a thermometer that high. I took it three times and the highest was 105.4. I called the doctor back and he told me to give him both motrin and tylenol together instead of alternating and to call back if it didn't go down in 30-45 minutes. Thankfully, it did. He is now at 101* and sleeping. I'm hoping our little guy is feeling better soon because there is nothing worse as his mom than seeing him so sick and knowing that there is nothing you can really do. Thank you to those that left comments on my facebook and sent emails thinking of us and hoping/praying that Evan is back to his happy little self soon!

Tuesday 10 sports edition

  1. What a great story! There are such amazing people out there in the world and this story makes my heart smile!
  2. Another athlete with a powerful  story. We'll forgive him for going to Nebraska :) What an amazing guy with a great heart!
  3. This makes me miss playing soccer...what an phenomenal goal!
  4. Glad this coach is staying at Mizzou!
  5. Won't see my husband till the playoffs are over....just kiddin'...(kind of) :)
  6. Cards and Mets...can't believe they lost in the 20 inning game
  7. Can't wait to see my college soccer friend, Ifeoma, play this summer in the Women's Professional Soccer League!
  8. Can't believe the mess the volcanic ash in Europe is making on air travel...good thing soccer teams can take a bus for the European semi finals. 
  9. Love this athlete and the charity he and his family founded...what a great man!
  10. Getting started early with this little one! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

new screen door...woohoo!

Even though he's running a 102* fever, has a virus, and is lethargic and just not his happy, smiley self, Evan loves our new screen door. Thanks Harold and Mike for putting it up yesterday! Evan's new favorite thing is banging on it! :)

Look at those sick, swollen eyes. :( Poor thing...

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Mizzou had their alumni soccer weekend this past weekend and I was so glad to see some of my soccer buddies! I played club soccer with some of these girls starting at 12 years old and I was so happy to see them today and catch up. Keenan and Evan were too cute playing together on Faurot Field (where the MU football team plays). It was such a great day weather wise and fun to see friends who were in town.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday girl

My friend Mandi's little girl, Mia, turned 2 years old and we got to celebrate with her! Mandi and I literally grew up together. We were friends before we were even born and I'm so thankful that we still talk and are there for each other. I'll try to find some old school pictures from when we were babies. :) We had a gorgeous day at the park celebrating Mia. The weather was beautiful and it was relaxing to just hang out and watch the kids play while we caught up and visited.

Did I mention that the park was a horse farm with a great playground and track? It was pretty neat to be able to feed the horses! Evan loved seeing the horses and walking around on the grass.

Aunt Kelli and Evan with his "ooooh" face! :)

Evan went swinging...

got kisses from Grandma...

thought he was big stuff walking around the playground by himself...

Tried climbing....he was so.close to getting up there on his own!

Birthday Girl Mia adorable!

Evan played soccer with a little boy who was super cute and came over to give Evan a hug and a kiss

Mia was so cute when we sang to her and blew out her candles and then she daintily ate her cupcake one lick at a time! :)

She loved her big puppy dog that she got as a gift!

All of us...Mandi, her brother Adam, me, Kelli, and Mia and Evan

Had a great day! Thanks Mandi and Matt! :) Happy Birthday Mia!