Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 4: 2nd grade memories

Second grade was probably one of my favorite grades! I loved my class and my teacher and made some great friends. The best part is now we are all friends again through facebook! :) I posted our class pictures there and some of the comments are hilarious. This class picture was obviously taken on a very windy day and this was the year that this new playground was built. We were so excited because there was now a new and old playground and that meant more recess...or so we thought! This was the year that I started learning how to tell time, our teacher put marbles in a jar for whole class good behavior, and we learned math sets, which I was the first one to complete that. This was also the year that I had my first "boyfriend" and that only meant that we played soccer at recess, we told people we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and getting into a huge art watercolor fight during art class. I'm not sure what brought the argument on, but it was probably something about who was better at soccer. I was such a tomboy and really competitive and so was he. We probably said something and the next thing you know paint, brushes and projects were flying. Our parents were called and we were sent home. Yikes! The funny thing now is that we are still friends and both played soccer in high school and college and still laugh at our craziness from that year. Ahhh...memories!

  • This was the year my sister started going to kindergarten too, so I was excited to be able to have her go to the bus stop with me! Our babysitter, who was three streets over, used to watch SO many kids! Looking back, I have no idea how she did it. She had at least 8 kids on any given day before and after school. We caught the bus up the street from her house and it was so much fun because there were a ton of kids to play with.

  •  Each year the school put on a Olympics type event and each class was a different country. I think we were Switzerland this year and I was so proud because I had earned 4 ribbons and a medal.

  • This was the year that I had my first Communion to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at St. Paul's Church. My godmother was my Aunt Barbara and my godfather is my dad's cousin, Mike. I was baptized as a baby and I am so glad that Jesus died for us and our sins...

  • I remember how our teacher used to make a Memory book for each student around their birthday. She had all of the students fill out sheets about some of their favorite things and then included a part at the bottom about their favorite memory about the birthday person. Apparently my teacher was 27 years old and I had to write that on there, as well as that she was my 2nd grade teacher! ha! It was fun to go back through and read what my teacher and classmates wrote. Some of the things that people wrote included my great memory, being a good soccer player, picking up someone's pencil. putting a friend's hair up in a ponytail since she couldn't, doing back walkovers in gym class, and being the first person to complete the math sets in the class. :) It's hilarious to go back and see what people's favorite TV shows were (Who's the Boss, Top Gun, Savanna Smiles, Pee Wee Herman, and You Can't Do That on Television) to name a few.

  • This was the year that I was also in Girl Scouts. The best part is that it was friends from school and our meetings took place after school was out for the day in our school library. I thought I was so cool to stay after school on those days. I still have my sash with all of the badges we earned and looking at the picture below (where it hardly had any badges) it is now completely covered (front and back). I stayed in girl scouts through 7th grade I think and was so glad to be around some great friends!

  • If you are from St. Louis, then you know the above picture was taken at the Magic House. This is such a great place for kids! It is a children's museum and has grown over the years and it amazing with all of the hands on activities for kids. It's a must if you go to St. Louis!

Stay tuned for next week: 3rd grade is coming up!  Head on over to Mommy's Piggy Tales to read all of the other stories!


Crystal said...

I also remember thinking it was cool to stay after school, for girl scouts or when I was old enough I did crossing guard in the parking lot as parents picked up their kids. Funny how that changed by jr high when everyone just couldn't wait to leave the school!
Thanks for sharing!

MommaHarms said...

Lots of fun memories and great pictures! It's wonderful that you have reconnected with old friends via facebook. I have too but not that far back!

Unknown said...

I love all the photos to compliment your story. I've never heard of marbles in a jar for good behaviour, how does that work? Sounds like you had a great and full grade 2 year!
Amber :)

Pepper said...

You have some great photos from 2nd grade. I loved the one with you in your girl scout uniform with the static hair! Just great.

Sounds like you really loved soccer and really did enjoy 2nd grade.

Janna said...

The Photos make it 10x richer:)

Denise said...

You have so many great photos!!! The memory book looks really cool too, I have kept those kinds of things from when my kids were little, but I don't have anything like that from my own childhood.