Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 7: 5th grade

  • 5th grade. 1989-1990. What a year! We had a huge class this year. 28 students! Being a teacher myself, I give my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Holmes, a ton of credit. Especially with our class. :) One of the best parts of doing this journey by recording my school history, is being able to share this information and pictures. I've posted our class pictures on facebook to tag my friends and relive the glory days with them. It's hilarious to read what my friends write underneath about themselves and that year. Here is a sample of what we've written about this 5th grade year.

  •   SP said "LOL! The Simpsons...REALLY???? That is hilarious! JW you are stylin' in your puffy paint shirt! Thanks for posting this Kasey! Awesome"
  • MK said, LMAO! I have Florida Gator shoes on!
  • TB said "How did our parents let us out of the house looking like this?!?!
  • AR said "Looks like I was the only one that had a Stanton Stallion shirt on. What a dork I was! Oh wait...I still am! hee hee."
  •  SP said AR...I totally owned one of those too! I just decided the Simpsons was best for the school pic!
  • Now we know why they didn't give "best dressed" awards. We all would have won! ha! Tretorns, high tops, puffy paint, turtlenecks, Simpsons, tight rolled jeans, huge scrunched up socks....ha! What great memories!

  • I loved our neighborhood growing up. There were always other kids to play with and our bus stop (which was at the top of our street) was busy with kids laughing, yelling, playing rock soccer in the street between the sewer drains. Rock soccer was my favorite. We had a goalie in front of each drain and about 4 kids on each team. I was always goofy, as you can see in the below picture. :)

  • Christmas is always my favorite part of the year. We would have the entire family over. My mom's 9 brothers and sisters and all of their kids. I loved that it was at our house. Kids were running and playing everywhere. The adults were chatting, watching the kids, and telling funny stories. We eventually had to move the Christmas Eve celebration out of our house because there were WAY too many people and we outgrew it! Last Christmas, we had over 80 family members! At our Christmas Eve party, we also have a family tradition where we take a family Christmas picture. I love this! It is so fun to be able to look back through the years at our family to see how it has changed and grew. It's crazy madness trying to get each family group ready for the pictures because usually the kids are running around with their cousins, etc. It's crazy but I love it! :)

  • Playing sports continued this year and I played on our church team. Kelli and Brad played too, so I can't imagine how busy our Saturdays were with games!


Practicing my juggling skills. 

  • We also had the St. Louis Steamers players come to our elementary school. I'm not sure if they were there for the fun fair or just to demonstrate some skills, but I was the lucky one to get chosen to try and get the ball from them! And no...I didn't steal the ball from them! They were good! :)

  • Happy Birthday to me! See my brother on the left...He was 5 and this was the year that he broke his arm. He broke his left arm 2 years earlier at age 3 playing in the yard. This time he broke his arm playing baseball outside and didn't want to land in dog doo while he was sliding the bases, so he turned and landed wrong. It's never a dull moment at our house!

Krista and I at Six Flags. One of my favorite parts about growing up with a best friend is that you know you'll always be there for each other. Krista and I have so many great memories together! Just wait until you see our middle school cat eye's picture! ha!

Stay tuned for next week: 6th grade. My last year in Stanton Elementary. To see more wonderful 5th grade stories head over to Mommy's Piggy Tales


Unknown said...

You were too cute with that ponytail!!

KellyW said...

Puffy paint shirts...yes!! I remember making plenty of those. I always had a lot of friends in my neighborhood too. It made for some really great times. Thanks for sharing!

KellyW said...

Puffy paint shirts...yes!! I remember making plenty of those. I always had a lot of friends in my neighborhood too. It made for some really great times. Thanks for sharing!

MommaHarms said...

I had my share of puffy paint shirts too! I love all of the comments you are getting on fb. I might have to try that now that I'm getting into the years of friends I actually still have.

Unknown said...

WOW I love all your photos - it sounds like Christmas is very crazy around your place - I think 20 people feels like a lot, I'm not sure how you guys manage 80!!
Amber :)