Monday, July 26, 2010

5 things I want to remember right now...

  1. the way Evan shakes his head back and forth when he says no, with a great big smirk on his face
  2. the way I felt last night when I couldn't sleep...butterflies in my tummy and excited and nervous, and happy about the possibility of being a family of 4 and the joys that would bring to us.
  3. Today was our 1st IUI in attempt to have a new little brother or sister for Evan. Our doctor said that everything looked we play the waiting game. At least 2 weeks to see if we have two pink lines!
  4. Evan's laughing fit tonight before bed....He kept putting his fingers by my mouth and laughing his head off. He was pulling at my lips and then I would make a noise and he would go into another fit of giggles. He had the biggest grin on his face then decided he wanted to give big ol' open mouth slobbery kisses. He shakes his head back and forth and then leans in for the kill. It's pretty cute.
  5. I want to remember the way Evan snuggles up after he gets up from a nap and the way he lays with Mike and I when he actually sits still for a few moments! :)