Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tank and Jack

One of the 5th grade teachers at my school brought over (Tank) her Alaskan Malamute (sp?) today so he and Jack could have a playdate. They were so cute and had a ton of fun running around and playing tug o' war on one of Jack's ropes. Here are some pics from today! Awwww....friends!

Doesn't Jack kind of look like a rabbit??

Belated Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary (it was on 7.29) to Mandy and Rocky!!!! Mandy and I played soccer together on J.B. Marine and she went off to Mizzou to play soccer while I went down to FIU. I hope you and Rocky had a great anniversary! Congrats!

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Michael and Erin!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Sorry it has been a couple of days since I've posted. I took a Rape, Aggression, Defensive Class through MU and got to beat up 3 of Mike's co-workers on Saturday and Sunday and I just got back from launching a new business builder with my Arbonne business. So now I am off to bed....will update soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


We had a great day for our 2nd annual summer bbq yesterday. We only got rained on towards the end so we just stayed inside and talked, played games, pool (or as Savannah would say, Pool Ball) and poker. The kids had fun with some toys I picked up at Walmart and the bigger kids enjoyed playing washers and just catching up on life. Mike and I want to say a BIG thanks to the Morrisons, Malones, and Malones for making the trip in from St. Louis. It was great to have you guys over!!!! Thanks to everyone else (who live in Columbia) for coming over, bringing great
dishes to eat, and hanging out! It was a fun and relaxing way to spend a summer night!

Happy Birthday Jen!

Happy Birthday Jen!!!
Miss ya!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

I was looking at Yahoo and came across this interesting article about pets. Click here to read it. This got me thinking about animals and if they REALLY know ahead of time if something is going to happen. I am sure you have all heard or know someone who has an animal such as a dog that help detect seizures, etc. I remember thinking back to the tsunami and listening to the reports, etc. about how the animals all went to higher ground before the water actually hit. Weird!? How do they know? These thoughts brings about my Thursday thoughts post. Do you think animals have a "sixth sense" about stuff? Do you notice your pet doing something kind of like this ahead of time before it actually happens? Does your dog act weird before a storm comes? Do you think that the cat in the article can actually predict death? This isn't the best post but I do want to know your thoughts! :) Other Thursday thoughts... Katie Heather Nicole Emilie

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Congrats Wendee!

Wendee and her husband, Matt, had their son, Lucas, 2 weeks ago. He is adorable! Congrats!

Visiting Friends...

We visited the Malones yesterday and it was so fun to see them again. I took a couple of pictures of Yuri with Kelli and Mike and also a picture of Michael's head. He was in a collison with the goalie at a soccer game. You can see the before picture here. Enjoy!

Happy Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary Marcus and Heather!!!!

Rated "PG"

I got this from Nicole's blog...I can't believe I am "PG"!!! This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: pain (2x) death (1x) Free Online Dating


Monday, July 23, 2007


Happy 3rd Anniversary Martine and Pete!!!!
Happy 2nd Anniversary Liz and Tom!!!!

Slip-n-Slide Videos

Click below to see the big kids and the little kids going down the slip-n-slide!

They aren't the longest videos, but they kindof summed up our day!

Dan and Dance Dance

Click below to see Dan's Dance Dance Revolution....So funny! Dan's Dance Dance

Dave and Dance Dance

Click below to see Dave doing Dance Dance Revolution...more to come later Dave and Dance Dance

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End

I finished Harry Potter and it was incredible....Those who haven't started the 7 book series, you need to. They are great! Off to bed...good night!


I am halfway done.....I can't stop!!!! Augh!!! It's SO good!!!


TONS of pictures ahead!!! The Indy Laughlins visited us this past weekend and we had a blast seeing them! It was great to catch up and see our little nieces. They are so cute! We had a huge "makeshift" slip-n-slide and little pool to play in. We had fun watching Jack and their dog, Jackson, play together at our house. They were so cute and got along great! Amanda and I had a great time catching up and playing Dance Dance Revolution on Playstation 2 and trying to get better at it each time! It was a great workout!!!! Mike and his brothers had fun playing basketball and Mariokart! On Saturday, (of course I had to pick up the NEW Harry Potter book) before the Morrisons came over. We had such a good time watching their kids, Sawyer (which Mallory would pronounce Say-wer) and Savannah playing with Madison and Mallory. They would play make believe in the pool and on the slip-n-slide. The girls seemed so grown up going down it! It was great to catch up on some things with Heather and just sit with her and Amanda watching the boys being goof-balls on the water things. It was a great weekend and here is the overload of pictures...Enjoy!