Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our plans this year were put on hold since Evan has been running a fever for two days, coughing, and has a nasty runny nose. I'm glad we were at least able to dress up for a quick picture! No trick or treating, or visiting friends/family this year...hopefully  next year we won't be under the weather.
We were the Bun in the Oven (thanks Nicole!), the Bun Maker, and our cutest loaf of Wonder bread!

Hard to believe just a couple of years ago he was our "bun" in the oven!

Also, wanted to share Kelli's costume as Olive Oyl and Brad's costume as I think a German beer drinker...not really sure! ha!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am...

I am thinking… that I can't wait to feel 100% and have all of my energy back.
Outside my window...I see leaves falling and the wind is SO crazy!
I am thankful for… my husband, our families, Evan, our growing baby, Jack, and my health.
From the kitchen… I just ate an entire bag of white cheddar popcorn.
I am wearing… A long sleeve gray t-shirt and jeans
I am creating… my list for Christmas shopping...need to get started asap!
I am going… to start creating our Christmas cards this weekend
I am reading… Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury and Sea Glass by Anite Shreve
I am hoping… for a great ultrasound/picture at our 12 week appointment next week
I am hearing… Jack snoring and Evan laughing at Grandma Merritt 
One of my favorite things…  Peppermint Mocha
Around the house...Things are slowly starting to get back to normal after the three hospital stays
A few plans for the rest of the week… Mike is back on Friday from his week-long CSI camp, Halloween, and relaxing this weekend with Mike and Evan
A picture to share… This is Evan who finally left his sunglasses on for more than a few seconds! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...kind of :)

This is what happens when Evan gets over tired!

Monday, October 25, 2010

i heart week!

This week at i heart faces is Breast Cancer Awareness week...Pink week!

On May 18, 2010 I lost my beautiful Aunt Barb to cancer. She was so strong and fought so hard. She had previously beaten breast cancer twice and went to be with Jesus after losing her short battle with lung cancer. Our family lost someone whose face and smile can light up the room and whose laugh will never be forgotten. Less than a month later we participated in the St. Louis Race for the Cure. This picture is of our son, Evan, remembering his great Aunt Barb. We miss her but know she is smiling down on us...

Head on over to I heart faces to see all of the other wonderful entries....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Game Day!


ESPN is here in good ol' Columbia. Hoping the Tigers beat Oklahoma!!!! Go MIZZOU!

Over 18,000 fans attended Game Day in the Quad...we broke the record!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Evan goes to Mother's Morning Out every Friday and it is so cute seeing him in a structured environment. He loves it and soaks it all in. He was a little more clingy as I dropped him off today, as he has been the past few weeks, since I think he's afraid I'll leave and not come back for a few days. Today they did stamps and coloring and reading and went outside to play. He also has his new backpack and lunchbox. He loves pointing out the "nanas" and the monkey and making monkey noises. Here are a few pictures of his new backpack and lunchbox and pics that the teachers posted from a few weeks ago. :)

Looks like he's already copying off his neighbor during play-doh time! ha!

 But...look at how straight he is sitting and how much he's paying attention! :) That makes me smile!

On their way in from the playground! 2 double strollers for six kids and they all fit!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 update

What a long, crazy week it's been. I don't even know where to start and this is probably going to be a bit jumbled but bear with me. Thursday we headed to St. Louis. Mike was in a co-worker's wedding that Saturday and the rehearsal and the dinner were Thursday/Friday night. It was in beautiful Washington, MO at a gorgeous winery. I had been throwing up since Wednesday night and was not keeping anything down except for sips of water. Thankfully the drive to St. Louis was uneventful. I was still feeling bad on Friday and called my doctor since I was pretty dehydrated and was having some chest pain. Was sent to the hospital in St. Louis and was there almost all day on Friday. I was given fluids, blood work, a ton of tests. I did not have a blood clot in my chest from the picc line, which was great news. Was sent back home and still not feeling any better except a little more hydrated. Saturday morning was wedding day and I was still a sick fool. Doesn't Mike look great though! Trust do not want to see what I look like! It was bad...

We headed back home around 3 pm. The wedding was at 11 am and I was so sad to have missed it. Finally got home around 5:30 pm and was still wiped out and not feeling well. Sunday comes around and I'm still dehydrated, nauseous, and sick. My doctor wanted me to head back to the hospital for more fluids and some more blood work. Found out I have Hyperemesis gravidarum. And I'm one of the few that have very serious hyperemesis where it requires fluids and iv's with medicine. Nice. As of now I've lost 17 lbs....way more than 5% of my body weight. Tomorrow I am 10 weeks, so I am hoping that it is starting to get better. Was admitted to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and was finally discharged this morning. I am so sick of being sick and being in the hospital. I feel like a failure at times. I can hardly take care of myself, Evan, my husband, and my house. I know this will all pass and God is in control and we are so thankful for my mom and Mike's mom helping us and helping us take care of Evan. It's just that I want to be back to our normal. I want to not worry about what I can eat and worry about feeling sick. Hopefully soon...

In other news, Evan decided he wanted to run a 104* degree fever today. Our doctor wanted to see him so we took him in and he has puss in his throat and since he has had runny poo for the past week and a half or so, we have to send a sample of that in and make sure that's all okay. Hoping he has a good night tonight and the fever goes away with motrin/tylenol.

Also, if you could say some prayers for my brother in law, Dan and Amanda. He's having cervical spine surgery next Wednesday and definitely needs some relief. Amanda has been taking care of him and the girls who recently got over strep.

At least it's never dull around the Laughlin family!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday!!!!

Happy Sixth Birthday Mallory Paige!!!! We can not believe you are already 6 years old! We can't wait to see you and your newly pierced ears too!!! We love you and miss you! We are so proud of you! xoxoxo

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun with Grandma Laughlin

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 weeks

Starting to slightly feel better. These first few months of being pregnant are is way worse now than when I was pregnant with Evan. I'm not sure why, but I'm hoping by 12-13 weeks I'm back to full strength and no meds. I still have the picc line in and zofran running 24 hours through it, but apparently I have a tape senstitivity too. Warning...this pic is gross...

Nasty, huh?! My home care nurse tried a different dressing, so I'm hoping that does the trick. The good news is that I am finally having food cravings. I want peanut butter toast in the morning and for lunch and for dinner I've been craving lasagna. So weird! With E I wanted cheeseburgers all the time, but now that thought repulses me. Overall, I can't believe that I'm already 9 weeks but it seems like time is going so slowly.

And just because this picture is way cuter than my arm...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pickin' Pumpkins

Yesterday we went to pick some pumpkins and Evan definitely had a blast. He was in love with all of the "balls" and kept pointing and was amazed at how many there were. It was pretty cute seeing him so excited.

What a difference a year makes!!! Here was last year...E at almost 5 months old!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy feet

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Game day!

Let's Go MIZZOU!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

1st day

Evan had his first day of Mom's morning out and he had a fantastic day! It is from 9-1 and at a church here in town. He got to take his own little backpack and lunchbox and was so cute. We went and met the teachers and saw the classroom and he didn't bat an eye at me leaving...he wanted to play. :) When we picked him up he was all smiles and the teacher said he was wonderful. They did play-doh, coloring, played outside, had snack and lunch, and played in the sandbox. He got home and was wiped out...he went down at 1:30 and I bet will take a longer than 2 hour nap today. :) Can't believe our boy is growing up so fast!

 Don't let this face fool ya...he was excited...just didn't want to take pics! :)

 The next Picasso?? ;)
 Fading fast on the way home...