Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not how I would've liked to spend my weekend...

Let's back up a little bit...Wednesday was 6 weeks preggo for me and that is the day morning sickness started where I couldn't hardly eat or drink anything. I might have had some soup and crackers, but for the most part it was all water. Saturday I knew I wasn't hydrated...the inside of my mouth was dry and I couldn't keep it wet at all. I called my doctor around 1:30 telling him how long it had been since I'd really eaten and he wanted me to go to the hospital to get an I.V. of fluids. Mike was unfortunately working the MU football game so thankfully Lynne came over to watch Evan. I headed to the hospital and got hooked up with an IV and after the first bag of fluids, I threw up....after the second bag of fluids, I threw up. :( They put some electrolytes in the third bag (I think) and had it running at a much slower pace. I managed to eat 1/4 of a cracker too ;) My doctor said he wanted me to spend the night and that he would check on me Sunday. Lynne was able to feed Evan dinner, give him a bath and put him to bed. (This was my first night away from E). Mike stopped by the hospital after the game and then headed home. Sunday, Mike and Evan came up and visited and that was the highlight of my day! I still wasn't hardly eating and still throwing up....so after my Dr. came by and visited we decided that I should stay another night with more fluid, 2 more kinds of iv meds to help with the nausea, and going to set up home care with a zofran pump. I got a lot of sleep since I hardly had (and still don't) have much energy. Monday I got an ultrasound on the peanut, and thankfully there was only 1 growing baby! We were nervous since I was on Clomid. I finally ate a couple of popsicles and some broth and they decided to send me home Monday night around 5:30 pm. I am so thankful to be home, unfortunately I am still sick and our lovely insurance won't pay for the pump so they are trying to figure out a way for me to get it without paying out of network. Mike stayed home again today and went in to work for a few hours while E was napping. Tomorrow Lynne is coming over to help since I am so weak and can't do much (especially make Evan's meals...that just completely makes me sick). I also have a doctor's appointment, so hopefully we'll hear some good news. Someone tell me morning sickness is all worth it...I'm hoping by 12-13 weeks it stops!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Forgot how much I hate morning sickness all daylong. Ugh! Nothing sounds good, but I know I need to eat something. Today I ate animal crackers all day. I'm hoping I am just sick for the first 12-13 weeks like I was with Evan. If that is the case, then I'm halfway done! ha!
  2. Yes, I got sucked into Dancing with the Stars again....last night I teared up watching Jennifer Gray talk about Patrick Swayze....they were so good together in Dirty Dancing. 
  3. Finally got my new phone. Well, it's the same phone since the one I had got drenched during the Race for the Cure, but I'm glad to have a working one!
  4. So excited that fall is almost here! I can't wait for hot chocolate, jeans, and sweaters!
  5. Evan is in love with ducks. It's hilarious watching him play with the 5-6 rubber ducks he has during bath time. He lines then up and then says quack, quack. He makes them swim all around too. 
  6. Can anyone tell me why Evan is so fussy/cranky lately??? I'm not sure what is going on. Is it because he can't say the words he wants to? Teeth? Hmmm....He is also super clingy lately and cries when I leave the room. I thought we already passed up the separation anxiety stage?
  7. Had a great playdate this morning with my friend Kim and her kids. She has a daughter and twin boys that are 5 months older than Evan. The boys had a blast!
  8. Evan and I both took a 2 hour nap today....it was heaven!
  9. Mike's running his first half marathon in 2 weeks! (and my sister is running her 1st one too!) I'm so proud of both of them!
  10. Love this little guy...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Race for the Cure

Well, we survived the torrential downpour all morning and did the Columbia Race for the Cure. Mike and my sister ran and after realizing the rain wasn't going to stop, my mom, Evan, and I just headed to the finish line. We didn't want Evan to get too wet and I was a tad nauseous. The plus side is I got end of race pictures of Mike and Kelli! Before the race started, it was lightning really bad and my friend, Kayla, her friend Debbie was opening her umbrella and got struck by lightning! After a trip to the hospital she is okay, but still...a very scary moment. Hopefully next year it won't be raining! Even though I didn't walk, I was still a little choked up and emotional at the end watching all the runners/walkers/survivors pass through the finish line. It feels like just yesterday Aunt Barb was with us, but it's been four months. I am so glad Kelli and my mom drove in from St. Louis for the race. (And yes, these first few pics, the sky was really that dark!)

Our team...Mick Deaver FOP-some of Mike's coworkers and their spouses and some of my teaching friends/parents and of course my mom and sister! A great group!

Good job Mike, Buddy and Kelli! They are all three running a half marathon in a couple of weeks and Kelli ran 10 miles yesterday and Buddy and Mike ran 7 extra miles after the 5K this morning! Way to go!


ZOU! It was our first tailgating game of the season! Evan and I had a great time visiting with some friends and he loved watching all of the small football games going on around us. He kept yelling out, "Ball! Ball!" It was funny!  Go Mizzou!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 months...

I can't believe it has been four months...we miss you so much. Tomorrow we are walking the Columbia Race for the Cure in your memory. Sending love to heaven...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 15: College

I can't believe this is the last week of my Mommy's Piggy Tales. 15 weeks of my life story. wow! Today is our college experience. I'm not sure how I can sum up 5 years of college into 1 post, so expect lots of pictures. :) I started at Florida International University in Miami, FL in August of 1997. I earned a full ride soccer scholarship and had to arrive early for preseason. My first year our preseason was in the amazing Cayman Islands! It was beautiful and a trip that I will never forget. I met some of my best friends in college who live all over the world...New York, Portland, Miami, Sweden, Scotland, and numerous other US states. I was so blessed to meet some wonderful friends, play soccer, and travel over the United States to compete in games. We went to the beach on weekends, learned how to cook, do laundry, prepare for hurricane season, and navigate our way through Miami. I also did pretty well in school too! I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Elementary Education with ESL endorsement. These were the best 5 years a girl could've asked for!!!!

Ahhh...the good ol' apartments! All of us soccer players lived with each other in apartment complexes (4 to an apartment) where the other athletes were too. There was always something going on and definitely never a dull moment!

Cayman Islands...

Freshman initiation...When I started there were 14 other freshman on the team...when I graduated, there were 3 of those original 14 left! Some flunked out, some quit soccer, some transferred schools, and some just went to live on the beach....I'm so thankful I was able to stay focused on my academics and soccer to graduate and get my degree!

We had to go through freshman initiation and it was so fun...definitely embarrassing, but fun! The upperclassmen went to town dressing us up, then parading us at halftime of the men's soccer game and having to walk through campus like this!

We went to North Carolina over spring break to cheer on the men's basketball team...it was a fun road trip and the guys did well too!

 We also went to Key West one year for Spring Break! A three hour drive wasn't too bad! :)

We went to Portland, OR to play the Univ. of Portland and it was one of the best fields we've ever played on...it's too bad we lost. I believe at the time, they were ranked in the top 20 in the nation. This is after the game :(

My soccer coach...Everton

(Yes, I worked at TGI Fridays during my last few years in college....LOVE the flair! ha!)

One of the best parts about going down to Miami Beach was getting Pucci's pizza after...it was amazing!

During one of our trips to Colorado, there was a hurricane warning in Miami. (This was also the first time many of our teammates from Miami saw snow for the 1st time!)

When we got back, the water was everywhere....it flooded our apartment and the campus was flooded as well!

I had many, many injuries over these 5 years....knee surgery my sophomore year, many sprained ankles, but the worst was my senior year. I had compartment syndrome in my lower legs. I had to have surgery and couldn't play. I would go on to have this surgery 5 more times...it kept coming back. Today, I still have some problems with swelling and can't run as I once did because the pain and swelling could come back and I just can't bear to have surgery again....

Graduation was huge! FIU had over 30,000 students and the education department and the number of graduates was pretty big. I was so glad my parents were able to fly down to attend!

A great 5 years....lots of friends made, tons of memories, and a whole lot of fun!

To see more college stories, head over to Mommy's Piggy Tales

I hope you've enjoyed reading my history as much as I've loved looking back and writing it. I'm glad I was able to take this walk through memory lane.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

  1. Evan and I are so congested and have a cough and runny nose. It started on Saturday (Morrisons...how are you guys feeling?) Thank goodness Mike stayed home today to help us make it through the day. I think we are on the mend hopefully.
  2. Saw the biggest spider yesterday in the crack of our screen door and front door. It took all my courage to not scream or drop Evan. I tried to kill it, but it scampered off into our landscaping (which is still a work in progress). Mike sprayed when he got home yesterday...thank goodness! This spider was HUGE.
  3. Lost my social security card...well, I should say I misplaced it somewhere in the house. So...today I get to take a little trip to the office here in town and request a new one. Hoping it's a quick trip.
  4. Feels like I need to eat all the time to keep me from getting nauseous, but nothing sounds good. At least I'm not throwing up...yet!
  5. Wishes a cleaning and organizing fairy would come live at my house forever...
  6. Excited for the Race for the Cure this weekend...it's not too late to join or donate to our team!
  7. Working on my Master's homework...ugh! I keep chugging along saying only 2 more classes....2 more classes...
  8.  Needs to get started on laundry from our trip to Nashville last weekend...
  9. Is loving this new books series...The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay....anyone else read these??? They are so good, I couldn't put the first two down. Starting book 3 soon!
  10. Watching Super Why! is so much more fun sitting in a box. He loves this show...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attack of the Fly

Apparently our little guy is scared of flies!

Monday, September 13, 2010


This past weekend Evan and I flew to Nashville to see the Morrisons. Unfortunately Mike had to work the MU football game on Saturday and wasn't able to come. We flew out on Thursday night and Evan did surprisingly well on the flight considering it was WAY past his bedtime. He loved watching the men load up the bags onto the plane and liked watching Toy Story on the Ipod too. :) Heather and Ryan had just got their boxes into their new house but had already done so much work. Evan had a blast running after Savannah and Sawyer and getting into their stuff :) Heather and I had fun catching up and chatting and unpacking boxes, and boxes, and boxes...and flattening all of the paper that comes in those boxes. There was SO much paper in those boxes! Here are some pictures from our great weekend! Can't wait to go back and visit!

Eating lunch with Mike before taking off for St. Louis...

Napping on the way to STL