Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend part 1

What a fantastic weekend! We headed up to see the Indy Laughlins and we had such a great time. Friday we  had a busy day. We headed off on a neighborhood bike ride and had a great time. Pulling Evan and Mallory was hard! Good thing Amanda and I switched off pulling them on the bike.

After the bike ride we headed to the neighborhood park to play.

Mallory fed the fish some mulch?! :) She kept telling Uncle Mike that they liked to eat it! ha!

We played around a lot and laughed a lot.

Harold and Lynne also came up this weekend and we all headed to dinner at Donatos. Their pizza is delicious! Of course we had to have our 4th of July apparel!

Evan even got in on the festivities

Evan is into giving these big 'ol open mouth kisses and Maddie was the target! :)

Had a great time hanging out on their new patio watching Andy try to drink from the sprinkler. It was hilarious!

Stay tuned for parts 2 a and b and 3 tomorrow! :)


Laura said...

Love all the pics, but especially Andy. :) Whose golden is he? Thanks for your sweet card...