Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Update


Friday Mike went into work later than normal because he had to work late that night. Evan has been a little stinker lately climbing on his ride along trucks. So, after Mike warned him a couple of times to not stand up, he did, so Mike took the cars away and put them on the couch. It was hilarious watching Evan try to figure out what was happening. :)

After he realized he wasn't getting them back right away, he did this....he decided to go climb something else...ha! What a stinker! :)

We played with rocks and melted out in the was hot!


 My parents and sister drove in for the day to see us and Evan. It was great to have them here. They watched Evan while we went to Jen and Chris's wedding shower and then we went to eat yummy Shakespeare's pizza for dinner before they headed back. I can't wait to head to STL to see them again in a couple of weeks. :)

Family fun time! :)

 Evan had fun doing the chicken dance with Grandma and Aunt Kelli...I wish I would have gotten this on tape. It was hilarious!

 Evan had fun swinging around with Kelli

Riding fire trucks with Grandpa

And riding the carousel at the mall with Aunt Kelli

What a fun Saturday!!!!


We headed to church and then got some stuff done around the house. Nothing fun :) After Evan's nap we went to return my bike b/c my kickstand has a crack in it. We also had to get some Mike some new soccer shoes for the Show Me State games next weekend. Here's some funny faces from lunch today!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!