Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 8: 6th grade

6th grade....the final year of Elementary school!  1990-1991....the year of hairspray and tall tall tall bangs! :)

Things I remember from my last year of elementary school...
  • I remember being in trouble a lot this year...I think for talking! :) I remember having to sit in the hallway during indoor recess. We would try to sneak notes to other delinquents who were also sitting in the hall. 
  • I remember writing notes to "boyfriends" with the question "Do you like me? Check yes or no" 
  • I remember writing dictionary pages as a whole class when we had a sub and our whole class was awful
  • I remember going back to my 1st grade teacher's room to help the student's learn to read. It was even more fun because my brother was in the class. 
  • The best part of 6th grade was camp. Each class went on a week long overnight camp. Our cabin was called Wren's Roost. S.P was in our cabin and put a whole through the ceiling! 
  • During camp,  L.C. (who was in our cabin) would wake everyone up by yelling "Good morning boys and girl!" at the top of her lungs. She fell off the top bunk and almost cracked her head open on the fireplace.
  • I remember during camp trying to sneak out with KF, SP, and LC to the boy's cabin, which we could see from our window. I think we either chickened out or got caught...not sure which!
  • I remember singing songs during camp time... I think another cabin performed "lollipop" from the movie Stand by Me. I also remember learning archery and our kickball game. Good times...

First day of 6th grade...finally the oldest in the school!

Each year our school had a fair and this was the year my "boyfriend" and I put each other in the "jail"...ha!

I also remember getting my Gameboy this year and being so excited...of course I tried to pull off the "I'm so cool" pose! I think it helped that I was wearing Mickey and friends pajamas! :)

Our pool....loved swimming in this thing...especially making a wave pool and a lazy river by going around and around that thing.

Loved playing softball especially because my dad was the coach. He's on the right and I'm in the back row next to him. I believe I played either center field or shortstop.

Halloween...each year our elementary school allowed people to dress up for Halloween and we had a parade through the school to see all of the different costumes. This year, I think I was a punk rocker. Who knows?! I spray painted my hair and wore black jeans and a bandanna around my neck....sure doesn't look like a punk rocker to me though! ha!

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MommaHarms said...

Funny that you can't remember what you were! I remember the days of big bangs too!

Janna said...

I curled my bangs 3 curls to the right and one under:)

I had many colorful scrunchie socks with Ked tennis shoes look too!