Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's On Wednesday

What's on:

The horizon:

The road:

The bumbo: (love the concentration and the tongue sticking out!)

 The afternoon agenda:

 The faces:

The web:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alex's 4 month pics

Here are his 4 month pics. Time is for sure flying by, but we are definitely enjoying every minute. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here we are again getting ready for the week ahead.  Why do weekends always seem to go SO fast? I feel like I never even got a chance to sit down and relax...

Was on the road to St. Louis by 7:30 am
Stop by my parent's house, change clothes and feed Alex
Pick up Kelli
Baby shower for Jamie
Target trip
Teacher's Store
Drop Kelli off
Stop by my parent's house, feed Alex
Head over to Christy's house to buy some clothes from her son, Jack, for Evan
Target return
Head back to my parent's house, feed Alex, change blow out diaper
On the road headed back to Columbia by 7:30 pm was non-stop all day.
Mike and Evan hung out all day...went to a free movie at the theater and then met Dave at the farm showcase here in town. They went on a hayride, saw horses, and got a pumpkin. :)

And Sunday wasn't any better.

Church (worked in the nursery)
Put away 5 baskets of clothes
Clean/organize closets/drawers
Go through toys
Make dinner
Trip to Sam's
Clean up dinner
Now, it's 9 pm...finally have sat down for more than 15 minutes and I'm fading fast :)

Hope you had a great and busy weekend too! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I am...

Thanks Heather and Nicole! :)
Today I am:
jeans and brown shirt with a light sweater
playing:  last night's Grey's Anatomy episode
wanting:  to get organized with all 5 new schools and the schedules/paperwork
needing:  to finish laundry and pack for STL tomorrow
eating: turkey sandwich and pistachios
drinking:  sweet tea
enjoying: the quiet house.  Both boys are napping :)
not enjoying: cleaning and laundry
daydreaming: of a new car and the upcoming fall season
anticipating:  seeing my family tomorrow

Happy Fall!

Happy 1st day of Fall :)
We are ready! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011


How can it be Thursday already?! I can't hardly catch my breath with how busy it has been this week.

  • Love the new job(s)! I am at a different school every day and love the variety of students. The only downside is trying to work around schedules! 
  • It's getting chilly outside! :) Yeah...fall! So excited for this season! Love our daily walks in the double stroller too.
  • Got a call this morning to go pick up Evan from Mother's Morning Out...gulp...apparently he was pushing other kids and wouldn't sit in time out. Anyone else's kid ever got kicked out of preschool?
  • Alex started rice cereal those first few times where they have no idea what they are eating!
  • Can the cleaning fairy please come to my house every few days? Please?!
  • Busy planning my SIL's baby shower
  • Finding daycare is hard...
  • Love the way E likes trying to get A to laugh...and most of the time he can!
  • Headed to STL this weekend for a friend's baby shower
  • So happy tomorrow is Friday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Race for the Cure

This morning was the Race for the Cure and unfortunately we didn't go. :( It was cold and damp and there was a chance for thunderstorms. We definitely didn't want to be caught in the rain like last year...especially with two kids, so we went to church instead. Of course, it ended up not raining and being a great morning, but oh well. I missed being down there surrounded by people that are survivors and people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Even though we didn't get a chance to walk, we were there in spirit! :) Of course I could only get a picture of one of the boys who can't run away from my camera! :)
Thinking and missing my Aunt Barb today...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

100 days

Wow! I forgot to post this!!!! It was done, but for some reason, I didn't hit publish...
It's been almost a month overdue, but on August 19th, Alex turned 100 days old! He's changed so much and is such a joy in our lives. We love you! :)

Here's Evan's just in case you want to go down memory lane with him too! :)


Last weekend was a fun St. Louis trip for me and the boys. Mike had to work a ton, so I was thankful to not be at our house all day with just the boys. My dad and I went to the Butterfly House. We had never been there before (Mike had taken Evan once) and we had a great time. :) There were SO many butterflies was pretty cool to see.

 My mom decided to wait for us to get there so Evan could help her pick out fish. It was hilarious watching him try to pick out the color of the fish he wanted. She ended up getting three. :)


 Alex and Evan had a blast, as usual! :)

My parent's friends, Pat and Kenny celebrated their big 6-0 birthdays. The boys and I went for a little bit. It was fun to catch up with their kids, Tim and Jamye. We all grew up together, literally since we were babies. I'll see if I can find a couple of old pics. :)

 All dressed up :) Alex looked so cute in his jeans!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

too many thoughts

There are too many thoughts swirling around in my brain lately and lots of upcoming changes happening in our household, so bullets it is.

  • I am going back to work, teaching English as a Second Language. It really is going to be the perfect scenario for us, I think. I am working (getting my hard earned Master's pay!) 5 days a week, for 3 hour a day. I am at a different school each day, 4 elementary schools and 1 junior high. Mike's mom is going to watch the boys 2 days a week and for the other three days, we are having someone come to our home to watch the boys. I am glad that they will be in our house and I don't have to get them packed up with diapers/clothes/etc and bring them somewhere since it really is for a short amount of time. Evan will still go to Mother's Morning Out on Tuesday and Thursday and I'll just drop him off on  my way to work. I'm excited to get back into teaching. Of course I'll miss the boys, but I'm not going to will be a nice break too! :)

  • I've slowly started couponing. Nothing too crazy or extreme...but I like that I can find little ways to save, especially on diapers! :) So....Mom, make sure to save your weekend inserts for coupons for me! :)

  • I wish I had enough energy at the end of the day, after the boys are in bed, to get caught up on scrapbooking and filling out their baby books. I am SO glad that I can find 10 minutes a day though to update the blog...that way, when I do have a little bit longer to sit in quiet, I can refer back to the blog for information :) 

  • We have the Columbia Race for the Cure walk this weekend. Hopefully it doesn't rain like last year. 

  • just cause these are cute...