Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 6: 4th grade

  • This week is all about age 9 and the 4th grade. To see more memories, head over to Mommy's Piggy Tales

  • 4th grade was one of my favorite years. I loved 2nd, 4th and 6th grade the best. I liked the other grades, but loved the even numbered years. Hmmm...not really sure why though! I loved my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Bierman. She really did make learning fun and I also liked that I had a lot of friends in my class. I am on the top row to the very right.

  • This is our 4th grade state box. We were each given a state to research and present to the class. I remember loving this project! I am not sure why I got Massachusetts, but I liked learning the information. I remember it was really hard for me to spell that state, but eventually got it because I had to write it so much! My project box looks like a sad little box with the scotch tape all over and the cut out sentences. ha! I remember the only spray paint we had at our house was orange, so that became the background of my box. It's funny looking at this now because when my sister had Mrs. Bierman two years later and had to do her state box, hers was perfect! She had the strong cardboard project display board and when you compare it to mine, I'm pretty sure I was very jealous over it. I tried to find her picture of hers, but I think it is at her house. Oh well.  :)

  • Some of the things I remember about 4th grade are: being the Stanton Stallion for the week. It was a big deal to get your picture taken and wear the button for that week. :) We also got to keep the polaroid picture after it was taken down from the school bulletin board and I thought that was so cool. I guess I've always been interested in pictures and preserving memories.

  • Since my birthday is a week after my brother's we usually had a combined party for our family and friends to come over. Birthdays were always a big deal and I love that! :)

  • This picture below makes me smile. It tells so much even though it is not the best picture. You can see the trophies from  dance and soccer to the left, you can see the crocheted blankets that my Grandma used to make. You can see the printed card from the new computer (which took forever to print!). You can see the Bermuda shorts that I think I refused to take off all summer! :) Yes...this picture definitely makes me smile!

  • My first fish! (see I have on bermuda shorts again!)

  • And AGAIN with the bermuda shorts! :) This was taken before a soccer game. My sister and I played indoor at Concord sports club with the boys. I have many memories playing there and eventually went back to coach 3 and 4 year olds. We learned many things while playing there and always had a blast!

  • Another favorite of Krista and I...we were at Grant's Farm and had just gotten finished with feeding the goats. And yes....again with the shorts. What can I say? I thought they were cool!

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Heather S. said...

Cracking up at the shorts - that they are in so many pics!!

Pepper said...

Okay did you try and find every pic with the shorts or does every pic have the shorts! That is just hilarious!!

MommaHarms said...

Shorts - funny! You look so excited in the picturewith the fish. What a fun year and summer!

Denise said...

I love all your pictures! You must have REALLY liked those shorts! Are you sure you didn't have several pair that all looked the same?

Janna said...

I wore bermuda shorts too! Mine were blue, red, yellow, and orange and I wore a blue shirt with them.

Love the combined B-day cake and you're so cute iwth the stallion on your shirt.

We could print cards and banners on our commodore 64 too and they look so funny now!