Monday, July 26, 2010

soccer weekend...

This weekend was the Show Me Games for soccer and Mike played with some friends. Evan and I decided to go to a few games and since he is still a tad sick, I either held him or had him in the stroller so he didn't drool on toys that him and Kye might have played with together. Hopefully next time we see the Malones, the boys can play! Mike and the team made it to the finals, but unfortunately lost 3-2....they definitely should have won though, but 2nd place for a bunch of old men (ha!) is pretty good. We decided to go to the 2nd game on Saturday evening (they played Friday night, Sat. morning/afternoon, and then had the remaining two games on Sunday). The Powells and Malones came too, Erin and kids were at all of the games! :) Unfortunately about 15 minutes into the game a huge storm came through and it started pouring rain and we didn't get to visit with them a lot. :( The had to postpone the game until the next morning because of the lightning... Overall, it was a great weekend and I'm glad Erin and I got to catch up and chat while watching our hubbies play.

Waiting to see if the lightning would didn't :(

Before heading back to St. Louis we had a great dinner at TGI Fridays with the Malones and Scott. :)