Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why hello there....

Yes. It's been awhile.
I've missed blogging. I've missed sharing funny stories. And pictures. And writing down memories and things we've done as a family. goal is to blog regularly. At least 4 times a week.

So it's been at least six months since my last blogging update :)
Of course lots of things have happened. Lots of fun and hilarious moments. Lots of sad moments too.

I'm going to take it month by month until I get caught up (mostly for me and memory keeping) :)

MARCH 2015

E working on homework. 

oils to the rescue for those spring things :)

fun park morning

A working hard at preschool

finally some warmer weather

happy st. patricks day

happy birthday dad

regulators. boom. 

whats up E?!

E is the one with his hand in the air working hard during the concert. this was a huge deal to get on stage and perform with his kindergarten classmates

 lego fest in st louis

st. louis spring break. visiting my grandma. love her.