Friday, December 12, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year

What we've been up to lately!
Hello, December!

Our new Lego Advent Calender

Welcomed a new baby! LOVE him!

Took one of my favorite students to see Annie at the Fox Theater

Garth Brooks!!!

National Ugly Sweater Day!

Countdown to Christmas Break: Gifts for E and A's Teachers

After Thanksgiving we had 15 days of school left until Christmas Break.
I wanted to do something fun and different to thank E and A's teachers. All 3 are amazing. I am so very thankful for them and wanted to show some appreciation for them in a fun way.
Kids count down until Christmas...and us teachers, count down until Christmas break too! :)

Day 14: (Wrapping Paper)  Only 14 days until Winter Break...let's WRAP up December!

Day 13: (Kitchen Whisk) Only 13 more days 'til Christmas Break! We "whisk" it could go faster!

Day 12: (Christmas Napkins)  Only 12 more days 'til Winter Break! Can you believe it is almost here! Here's some napkins to bring some fun and cheer!

Day 11: (Hand sanitizer) Only 11 days 'til Christmas break! Here's some "Santa-tizer" to make it through!

Day 10: (Peppermint Patties) Only 10 more days until Christmas Break! Peppermint Patties comes in a pack of 4 and as my teacher, you really help me soar!

Day 9: (Gift cards) 9 days until Christmas Break! Use these for a little night out!

Day 8: (Hot chocolate mix) 8 days until Christmas break and I'm wishing you a "warm" and wonderful break!

Day 7: (Gum) 7 days before Christmas break and I brought some chewing gum. I feel like Christmas break is never going to come.

Day 6: (Hand Soap)  6 days until Christmas break and I want to "wash" you a Merry Christmas!

Day 5: (Rootbeer) 5 days until break and I'm "rooting" for you to have a good one!

Day 4: (Popcorn) 4 days until break and I hope your holidays are "poppin'!"

3 days: (Coffee Gift card)  3 days until break and I wanted to tell you "Thanks a latte" for all you do!

2 days:  (Socks) 2 days until Christmas break! Can you believe it is almost here? Here's some warm socks to bring some fuzzy cheer!

day 1: (Ornament) On the last day until Christmas break, here's something from our family to yours. Merry Christmas!