Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's On Wednesday

What's on:
Birthday edition...

The ceiling:

The wall:

 The gift list:

 The couch:

 The swing:

 the table:

Here's to another great year to my wonderful husband!
(And yes, Mike didn't want a cake so a watermelon it is! ha!)


Happy 35th Birthday to the best husband and daddy!


Thank you for being a great example for our boys. Love you...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this past Sat.

After getting back from Branson, Mike and Evan went to spend most of the day at his parent's house so I could get laundry done and unpacked from our trip without a two year old running around. We had dinner and Evan had a blast watching the horses and swinging.

1st day

1st day of Mother's Morning Out was this morning. Evan was ready and excited to go "play."

And yes, the below picture is after taking pictures outside, he fell on his face (again). The right side is all red, he has a goose egg on his forehead, a chipped tooth, a scrape under his lip, and two skinned knees. of boys!

Ready to go...carrying lunch inside :)

 Play time :)

 Can you tell Alex was excited to get some one on one time!?! :) You can't tell from this picture?...

How about this picture?...Now can you tell?! ha!

Can't wait to hear all about his first day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 7...Branson Trip

Last day :)
We headed out with the car packed up ready to spend the morning at Silver Dollar City and then head home around nap time, hoping the boys would sleep on the ride home. Thankfully they both did :)

When Silver Dollar City opens, they have any veterans or military members come up, receive a badge, and help raise the American flag for the day. Everyone claps while they march to the flagpole and everyone says the pledge and sings the National anthem. It was amazing to watch.
Evan loved it too and wanted to clap and march right along with them.

For our last morning, we rode the ladybugs,

the frogs again :)

and the elephants. :) 

One last mine boat ride

Goodbye Branson! It was a great week!

Day 5 and 6...Branson Trip

Almost done! Just one more day after this post :)
We did some swimming/laundry/relaxing in the morning and that night, we headed to Dixie Stampede.

If you have never been, you MUST go! It was one of the best parts of our trip. The boys did fantastic! Evan loved all of the horses, buffalo, pigs, riders, and the lights. He was so mesmerized and loved every part. Alex slept through most of it and was a champ in the baby bjorn. It was a great show, a great dinner with lots of memories made.

We also didn't buy this picture ;)

So excited to find a cowboy hat for Evan too. The best part was it was like Andy's hat in toy story and it was only $5.99! Score!

I also read the blog, Breezy Acres Farm, and saw that they were in Branson this summer. Saw that you can head to College of the Ozarks, also known as Hard Work University and see the sights. This college allows students to work to pay for their tuition and lets them graduate debt free! Wow! We headed to their tractor museum, saw cows, and had a great morning.

Alex also loved the tractors...can you tell?! :)

We also headed to the Fish Hatchery

Ate lunch at Hard Luck Diner where they have the best chocolate soda

and Evan also got serenaded. :)

That evening we headed to Branson Landing and saw their water/music show.

Fun times!