Thursday, August 21, 2008

Women's Olympic Soccer; USA 1; Brazil 0

I want to say Congrats to the United States Women's Soccer Team. They beat Brazil 1-0 in the finals, in overtime, to win the gold medal! If you want, you can read about it here. I am so excited that they won! Lori Chalupny is from St. Louis and played on the younger JB Marine soccer club team and I am so happy that she won a gold medal! Their trainer, GiGi Garcia, was also my soccer trainer at Florida International and I am so proud that she was there to experience the Olympics as well! Here are a few pictures I got off of Yahoo.

USA 1, Brazil 0 in overtime!! Go USA!!!!

GiGi is the one on the left in the blue sweatshirt. Love that girl!

Lori is third from the left... This picture is TOO Cute! I love that she is kissing the GOLD medal! Pure happiness!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!