Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jack boy

Jack is one silly dog! :) He usually tries to pile all of his toys together and then will lay down on them. It is pretty funny to watch. When he wants to play fetch, he'll take a toy and come lay it by you or on you and then just stare at you. and stare. and stare. and stare. He won't go away unless we throw the toy up in the air for him to catch or throw it down the hall or across the room for fetch. Then once we do, he starts sprinting back and forth all over the house. It is pretty funny because our house isn't too big and he is huge! :) He runs into things and knocks things over without even realizing it. He's a riot!
Laying on all his toys Jack wanting to play fetch or catch... Catch time! :)

Looking all cute!!!


Melanie said...

doggies are so funny! we should have a play date sometime soon.