Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week we headed over to Laura and Geoffrey's house. Some of you might remember that we were interested in buying their house because they were moving to their grandma's log cabin. (if you don't remember, check out here and here). We ended up taking our house off the market so they could put theirs on because ours wasn't selling or even getting any good offers. SO....they put theirs on and 1 person came to look at it and bought it. While we are so thankful that someone did buy their house, we were a little sad at that time. So our house has been off the market for awhile and we are okay with that. :) Anyway, we went to go see their log cabin that her grandpa had built and it is amazing! It was great to be able to see them livin' in the country! Here are a few photos...remember they've been slowly unpacking boxes with two little girls running around, so it isn't 100% unpacked and finished yet.
Mike showing off the outside... Living room with Laura and Maddy The kitchen with the barrel island that her grandpa made