Sunday, August 31, 2008

Surprise weekend!

Friday night we went with some of Mike's coworkers to Deva Vu, which is a comedy club/dance club here in town. One of his friends earned an office party, so we were invited to go and see two great comedians! They were hilarious! After the show we headed downstairs to the club part. We had a pretty great night...and of course we ask someone to take a picture of all of us and they leave Mike out! geez! They even kicked off the Mizzou season with some of the band members playing the MU fight song and the Missouri waltz! We had a great night!

Saturday Night Surprise Party: At the Deuce Pub and Pit. I was so nervous all day about this party! I was worried because Mike wasn't feeling so hot all day Saturday and I was worried he wouldn't want to go out that night. Throughout the day I kept telling him about going to dinner at 6:45. Finally he asked, why are we eating at 6:45? I said well, the Mizzou game doesn't start until 7:30 so we can eat beforehand and then just relax and watch the game. Lies...lies....lies! I finally said that we didn't have to go to dinner (and its good that I said that because he figured that there probably wasn't a surprise party then because if people were there and we didn't come that would be bad!). I did end up saying that a few friends were at the Deuce to watch the game and I thought it would be fun if we went there for awhile and said hello. So we get to the place and he sees a coworkers car so he knew something was up! We go inside and there is about 20 or so friends who shout out SURPRISE...Happy Birthday!!!!! It was awesome! Even though he knew, he said he was glad he saw the car because then he could come in with a smile! He was completely overwhelmed and even whispered, "This is so embarrasing" because the attention was all on him and the place was packed because of the MU/Illini game. He even got a little teary eyed! awwww.....We had a great night with some great friends and enjoyed the MUfootball victory!!! I am so glad that it worked and he was completely surprised!!! Happy birthday Mike!


Michelle Haner Fitness said...

Wow, Deja Vu that brings back so many memories. When did they get a band?? They never had band/bands back in the day. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Mikes sounds like a great guy and it's awesome that you were able to pull off such a great surprise!

The Malones said...

so sorry we had to miss the party! hope we can hang out soon!