Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

  • This will be a quick post and I apologize for that! My Thursday thought is "What is your favorite elementary school memory?" Mine was a paint fight from 2nd grade! I got in a fight with another boy and we were flinging paint at each other like there was no tomorrow! We did get in a lot of trouble and my mom made me call him at his home (*gasp*) to apologize. I was so embarrassed! Another favorite memory is in 5th grade going down to the 1st grade classroom and helping teach the students to read! I guess that is why I LOVE being a teacher! What is your favorite memory (or memories??).
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Heather S. said...

Sadly, I really did not enjoy elementary school. I would have rather been at home with my mom. Interestingly enough, though, I became a teacher! One memory of mine is taking my camera to school in 5th and 6th grade. I took pictures of everyone - mostly at recess! I took pictures of boys and girls who were "going together." I saw the pictures a couple of years ago and they were quite funny.

Good luck getting your room together!!

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Nicole said...

My favorite memories are probably 4th and 5th grade with my friend Maria... we were little hellions, believe it or not. We were grounded two spring breaks in a row and were constantly in trouble on the playground. I guess I don't have any specific memories that are my favorite, but I have a ton of hilarious stories of things Maria and I used to do when I was in elementary school. Hmm....

*we watched this movie called "Little Heros" or something like that about a girl who was poor and we decided to pretend we were poor... bring our lunches to school in a paper bag, only bring a folder to school (and it had to be all ratty and old) and we seriously tried to act like we were so underprivileged. What the hell!

*We used to ride the bus home together and would take our dolls to eachothers houses (we played "house/dolls" for EVER). I remember bringing my doll and my huge garbage bag of doll clothes to school and stuffing it in my locker and the dolls arm popped through the bag and we made up this story that we were babysitting and had to take dolls to their house for them to play with.

*We used to think this girl on our bus was so spoiled and that she always had a brand new pair of white leather Keds on every day, so we (SO MEAN!) would sit behind her on the bus and put marks on the back of her shoes to see if she wore them again the next day. Weird... they never had the mark on them the following day??

*Our 4th grade teacher called us Chip and Dale (like the chipmunks) and we were SOOO teachers pets.

*We used to pretend we were Vada from My Girl and ride bikes around her neighborhood singing songs from the movie. We went to the local "bingo place" and tried yelling "BINGO" like she did in the movie.

I told you I was a weird kid. But I have lots of funny memories from elementary school. Read my TFT post... can you tell I was definitely a child of Benign Neglect? HAAHAHA!

I also remember in Kindergarten this one boy used to spit on me through his milk straw. I had a "boyfriend" (aka Andy... who had "shiny lips" because he freaking licked them all the time) and he'd stick up for me to the "straw spitter boy". Andy and I used to sneak under the table and kiss. HAHAHAHA!!

heather said...

I don't really remember any great memories from Elementary. I remember riding the bus home and thinking I was soooo cool because I was only a second grader, but there was a really cool SIXTH grader who actually acknowledged me, talked to me, and when we got off the bus at the same stop we walked home together. haha!

I remember lots of funny things from the playground.

Most of my childhood memories are probably from my own neighborhood and probably in the summertime. We lived in a great culdesac with lots of kids. Our next door neighbors had two girls the same ages as me and my sister and we were outside with them ALL THE TIME!! We had so much fun, got into a lot of trouble and it was great!

Finders Fee said...

I went to a Catholic school and we were in 4th or 5th grade when our class got to see "The Karate Kid" on video as a class. It was a really big deal because a couple of the nuns REALLY liked watching it and none of us kids thought they could watch movies like that. A lot of "Nun Myths", I guess. Like when one went roller-skating with us on a "Skate Party Day". THAT was memorable!!