Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jack and Mango

Today we (and the Whitmire's) decided to take the dogs to a dog park nearby that has a little lake in it. Mango has been in the water before and Jack...well...he has not. We thought...oh he's a lab and will love it and jump right in. Wrong! He does like the water but I guess because he's never had to swim before, he was a little timid. Mike finally had to pick him up a few times and launch him into the water. I think the more we go out there, the more Jack will warm up to the idea that he CAN swim! It was a great morning watching the two dogs play around though! Enjoy the pics!
" Ready....1, 2, 3 Here we go!!!" "I CAN SWIM!!!!" Launch #2 "I might be getting the hang of this swimming thing...." "A long tired morning.....When can we do this again?"