Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boys will be boys....

  • How old is too old??? Mike and I had this conversation yesterday as we were driving to their college soccer Alumni game in Greenville...We were talking about the "old" guys vs. the "young" guys. He remembers when he was still in college or right out of college and some of the "old" guys would come back and play and make a fool out of themselves because their bodies just couldn't play the way they used to anymore. Mike hasn't played soccer in over a year, in the past 4 months has only ran because of foot pursuits where dumb college kids think they can get away, but he has occasionally been on bike patrol for 8 hours a day, so hopefully that will help with his endurance! He was a little nervous about being the "old" guy there....and didn't want those college kids to see him (and his friends) as one either.
  • I do want to say that Mike, Ryan, Malone, (3 out of the Fab 4) and the other guys that he played college soccer with did a great job! They lost 3-1 but did move the ball better then the varsity college team. They looked like they had a great time out there and I am sure it brought back many fun college memories.
  • So my question is what age is too old to play?????? I think that if they can still run around, kick the ball, and not make a fool of themselves, then they can keep playing as long as your body will let it. What do you think???? Is there something that you used to do (it can be whatever)...but don't any more because you "feel too old?" What are your thoughts about growing up????

...more action pics to come after church....


Ryan said...

LD - it looks like your foot pursuits have kept you in pretty good shape! It was fun playing together again especially on such a nice field. Sure would have been nice to have a little more money in the program when we played there.
The highlight of the day was definitely the guest appearance of the Panther mascot aka Shane Bowen! He truly is a Superfan.