Thursday, August 2, 2007


  • My Thursday thoughts this week is about your engagement.
  • When did you get engaged?
  • How long did you know each other before getting engaged?
  • Any funny moments?
  • What is your engagement story? Share!!! :)

  • Mike and I had met at a 4th of July BBQ (2o02). We had met a couple of times before this but really just in passing at parties, etc. The only reason I was going to this 4th of July BBQ was to see Mike. Thanks Matt Kennon for taking me there! Mike and I hit it off that evening literally....we were in the pool and playing pool baseball and we bumped heads! We "connected" during a catchphrase game with about 8 other people there (and anyone who knows my catchphraseing ability know that that is a tough feat!) From that BBQ we spent every day together....

  • Fast forward to August 31st (2002) yes...less than 2 months later....we were on our way to a wedding of one of Mike's friends. Little did I know that Mike had this proposal planned....below is the story in his words.

  • "I had hidden a build a bear leopard that was dressed in a wedding dress that I made for her and a bottle of wine and of course the ring in my luggage. As we were leaving (for Angie and Adam's wedding) I said I forgot my car keys in the room (which didn't work as smoothly as I hoped b/c we were walking there and back), but I went in and set everything up on the table and put the ring (still in the box) in a passport carrier around my waste. At the reception she put her arm around me and put her hand right on the ring on my back and of course she asked what it was. Due to a bit of quick thinking, I told her that I told my dad that my back was hurting from moving stuff into my apt. all week and he gave me a back brace, then she said, but it feels like there is a box back there and I said "I don't know what that box thing is, but it sure feels good", which was enough to convince her that it wasn't anything too interesting. After the wedding reception we walked back to the hotel and when she walked in the room she saw the build a bear and read who it was from, "her fiance" and then when she turned around I was on my knee and she was crying and she said yes before I finished my little speech that I had been trying to perfect the last week and then she got down on her knees with me. After she stopped crying and we had hugged for a while she asked me what I said, so I made her get back up and I asked her again ("The one thing I really wanted for my birthday that would make me the happiest man in the world would be if you would promise to spend the rest of your life with me")and she said yes again and I then put the ring (which was 2 sizes too big) on her finger. "

  • I called my mom and told her (my dad already knew because Mike went over and asked him for his permission). When I told my mom, she didn't know because my dad knew that if she knew....she wouldn't be able to keep that a secret! ha! We got married about 4 months later on Dec. 28th, 2002.

  • What's your story...share! Post in the comment section! If you are participating in the Thursday thoughts, let me know and I'll link yours to mine!
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Nicole said...

Hey there TFT buddy! Great topic! I'm not going to type up my whole proposal... I have it on a scrapbook page (well, two) and I'll post the links..

Anyhow, if you're interested you can read the story there.

As far as how long we were engaged... well we started dating in highschool, and dated for about 2 and a half years. We broke up for close to a year (maybe not quite) and then got back together. Not long after that, we ended up moving in together, buying a house together (gah! Living in sin Living in sin... haha!) but all along we knew eventually we'd be married and live happily ever after (with lots of bumpy roads along the way). Once we bought our house, we started getting more serious about plans for getting married, started looking at rings etc. Our 5 year "dating anniversary" was coming up close to my 21st birthday (man that seems SO young!) and I had hoped to at least have a ring by then.

Well, this is when you'd go read the proposal story HAHA! Its pretty funny.

We were engaged in December of 2002, married in November of 2003 and had Mr. P-Man in 2006.

Thats about the gist of it!

heather said...

Alrighty, here's mine.
We met June 1st, 2001
Got engaged December 1st 2001
Got married May 31st 2002( we were trying for June 1st, but the reception place we wanted was booked.)

We also met at a barbeque of a mutual friend. We had seen each other at soccer games, but never talked. The reason I went to the barbeque was because I heard Ryan was going to be there. We didn't talk much at the barbeque, just a bit at the end... but then we were talking about some tetris websites and so he got my email address to "send me the links". I found out he had been going to my church recently, just to a different service, so I just "happened" to go to the later service that weekend. And then just "happened" to get a bunch of our friends together for lunch after church. So we spent the afternoon together. And have talked every single day since then.

We talked about how soon was too soon to get engaged. We didn't want people to think we were crazy, so we waited a bit. He surpised me after a Civil War (OSU v. UofO game) party we had at his house on Dec. 1st. Um... I do have to mention that it was a real Par.Tee. with a keg and lots and lots of beverages flowing. Pretty much everyone was drunk by 1pm. Anyway, apparently he still had to pick up the ring from the jewelers (nothing like waiting till the last minute), so he tried to sober up, but got to the jewelers (they were just down the road)late... it was like 5:05pm. He ended up knocking on the doors standing out there saying, "I just have to pick something up... it's already paid for I just have to pick it up!", so they finally let him in and he made it back home. I was oblivious. I don't even think I noticed he was gone. Then he went upstairs to take a nap. (Big party, no one noticed one of the hosts was gone) When he got up a couple of hours later, he was trying to get me to go out to eat with him. I was all, um, it's like 10 at night, and there are still people here, and we're pretty much hungover. But we went. And I walked around the party asking anyone and everyone if they wanted to go with us to grab a bite to eat. Meanwhile, Ryan's walking around behind me signaling everyone NO! So we left and ate a horrible "dinner" at Shrari's (it's like a Denney's), and then Ryan suggested we drive up to the park to overlook the city where we had our first "date". I thought it was an odd request, but okay. So we get up there and it's late and dark and drizzling and he suggests we go sit on the swings (like we did on our first date). Odd, but I humored him. So then we're just chit-chatting and I'm getting cold and wet so I say I'm going back to the car. So we go back to the car and drive up a little ways where we have a view of the city lights. And then he asks me. I don't even really remember what he said, or I said, but I do remember he had his cell phone ready and as soon as he got a yes out of me he handed me the phone straight away and said, "call your mom". Apparently, since he had already spoken to my dad, they were waiting to hear from me. He had told them he planned on asking that evening and now it was oh say, almost midnight!

Anyway, that's my novel.

Dan and Amanda said...

Well, I'll see how far I get before the girls need something...
Dan and I met at Greenville College and had an "instant attraction" to each other. We started dating around September of 1996, engaged in August of 1997 and married in August of 1998. (Our 9yr. anniv. is 5 days away) THE PROPOSAL: I went to visit Dan at Kanakuk where he was a camp counselor. I lived in Indy and he'd been in Missouri most of the summer so we hadn't seen much of each other. The first evening I was there Dan planned a picnic for us. We ate and talked and then took a walk. He had hidden ahead of time my ring in a box which was locked. AS we walked we..."stumbled" onto a key. Hmmmm...then farther ahead we "stumbled" upon a locked box that ...suprise needed a key! I was getting suspicious at this point, but played along and sure enough inside was my beautiful diamond ring. Dan had written a very sweet poem for me and then asked me to be his wife just as the sun was setting behind us. 9 years later...we are still as in love as the day we met!!!!!