Friday, August 3, 2007

Nothin' Much....

Mike's been off the past 3 days and we've been doing nothing. Which is kind of nice for a change. :) Yesterday I had Mike and Dave come up to my classroom to help me move some boxes and start getting my room rearranged. It is such a process and it is SO easy to get overwhelmed with everything. I was going to go up there today too, but Mike and I ran some errands, watched Jack play in his pool for a little bit and watched the movie, Catch and Release. Tonight I think we might BBQ IF it cools off. It is SO hot and muggy and it will be for the next couple of weeks or more. Mike has to work this weekend and I am sorry I won't be in St. Louis to help celebrate my sister's 26th birthday! I will be there the next weekend though! I miss ya Kel.... Hope everyone has a great Friday!