Saturday, August 25, 2007

1 down...

I had a great first week back to school. We only had 1 full day, which was Tues. The rest were early release days. It was SO nice to be done around 1 pm and have 3 hours to plan, get things organized, make a newsletter, finish Friday folders, etc.... Our school does have window air conditioners, but the 2 jr. highs and 3 elem. schools do not have air! So...because they don't have air, when the temp. gets too high or the humidity with the heat index gets too high, everyone gets to have an early dismissal. I think those schools get out around 11ish and then the buses finish up the rest of the schools. My kids are so cute! I have 24 students and they are a great bunch of kids. Yesterday a few of the teachers and I went to Chevy's for a happy hour. It was nice to be able to hear their first week stories and just relax. We had a drink or two there and decided we wanted to hang out I offered for them to come back to our house. We had a ton of beer left over from our summer bbq so we hung out on the back deck and then later when it started to rain, went inside. Mike came home and hung out with us too! It was a great night...and we even played Catchphrase! and yes Heather, I did get a little loud with the laughing at a couple of points! ha! This afternoon we will be making our way to St. Louis and then will head over to Greenville for Mike's college soccer Alumni game. I think the weather is supposed to be a little bit cooler which will be nice for us watching the game too! I haven't really taken any pictures lately but hopefully I'll get some from today! Have a great day!