Friday, August 31, 2007


  • Today my wonderful husband has his Golden Birthday....He is 31 on the 31st!
Dear Mike,
  • 5 years ago today your birthday present was when you asked me to be your wife...
"The one thing I really wanted for my birthday that would make me the happiest man in the world would be if you would promise to spend the rest of your life with me" ...and the iciing on the cake was when I said yes. :)
  • So today, on our 5 year anniversary of that day, I am saying YES again....
  • Yes, I am so glad that I met you, got engaged, and married all within 6 months
  • Yes, you make my life complete
  • Yes, you still make me smile from across the room when I see your face or if I hear your name
  • Yes, I love you....not for what anyone thinks you should be, but for what you are, what you strive to be, and what you always will be...
  • Yes, some days are better than others...but I wouldn't trade them for anything
  • Yes, you have a way of making good times better just by being there
  • Yes, you are the love of my life
  • Yes, you are still a dreamer and a romantic and you overwhelm me with happiness
  • Yes, I still thank God for you everyday
  • Yes, I am still crazy about you and I am SO thankful we walked into each other's lives
  • Yes....I still wonder how did I ever get so lucky????

Happy 31st birthday my love....


Nicole said...

That is so sweet!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!

Anonymous said...

Made me cry a little bit...

Anonymous said...

We have kept the trend going...I didn't know mike proposed on his bday, but I did the same, and Sarah Beth said YES! Feb. 23rd keep it marked! I love you both! Happy Birthday bro! You have another sis in law! :)