Saturday, August 18, 2007

Last weekend before school

  • Mike and I were in O'Fallon all weekend to hang out with the Morrisons for Ryan's early bday party. We also got to meet some new friends, the Barczaks'! Heather set up a GREAT surprise 30th birthday party for friends and neighbors to help celebrate Ryan's big 3-0! Mike Malone took him out all afternoon and Heather had almost everyone here by the time they got here! Rodney and Gina were a tad late and were here a minute or two after the surprise. I think Mike L. stressed Heather out a little bit because Mike took our bags out of the car and then had to move the car down the street. After he parked the car he was getting out and was getting ready to talk to one of their neighbors and closed the car door....with the doors locked....AND the keys inside....WITH the car running! Augh!!!! So we called AAA and they were expected to arrive within 10-15 minutes of Ryan getting here. Luckily they came, got the keys out, and Ryan wasn't here yet! Throughout the night we enjoyed getting to know Ryan and Heather's neighbors, listening to Richard's jokes, seeing all the cute kiddos and babies, and hanging out with friends! What a great night!
  • Saturday I went to hang out at my parents house and the boys got to watch the kiddos at the Morrison's house. Nicole had 2 photo sessions today, so she and Heather were busy most of the day taking pics of a 2 week old and 6 week old Yuri . I eventually met up with them at the Malone's house for Yuri's pictures! She is TOO cute! We had dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then the boys went over to Mike and Erin's to help celebrate his bday (which is today) andNicole, Heather and I decided to update our blogs. Tomorrow the boys have their fantasy football draft which is, I guess, a BIG deal and I think we are going to scrapbook a little bit in the afternoon while that is going on.
  • Here are Nicole, Heather and I blogging Saturday night... this was the 6th try! ha!
  • Only 2 more days before school starts! yeah!!!


Kristyn said...

Have a great school year. Many blessings for a successful year for your students and yourself. I start back with students on Wednesday.

Emilie said...

Looks like you ladies are having a good time together!!! Which is a great way to end the summer before school starts. My classes start tomorrow! Its so hard to believe.
Oh, BTW Im gonna add you to my blog list! :)

Katie said...

Wow, I can't believe you start school so soon...Good Luck!! Looks like a great time at Ryan's B-Day, wish we could have made it....we miss all of you!
Talk to ya soon,

Swartzie said...

this pic is too cute!