Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowy pics

After getting 17+ inches in Columbia, I'm definitely ready for spring! Mike is still stuck at work and I guess that is a good thing since our roads haven't been plowed. Also it's good because there was another crime early this morning that they have to investigate. Being 25 weeks preggo today, I feel bad that I can't really do anything (shovel snow in our driveway/small side road) to help him get home. Or at least get the car in the driveway whenever he does get home. I couldn't even open our front door this morning except an inch or two to see out. The single digit temps aren't going to help melt the snow either! Evan has been on medicine for an ear infection/sinuitis and now has a nasty cough and snot bubbles. Hoping the rest of the meds help with that too. So...we are still here...but at least the sun is shining today! :)

During the Snowpocalypse yesterday

 Playing with the snow...

 This morning...

Happy Groundhog's Day! :)
Not sure if he's right or not this year, but an early spring would be nice!