Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great weekend...

We had another fantastic weekend! The Massena family came to visit us! We were so excited that we were able to catch up and the kiddos were able to play and (mostly) get along :) We went to Bonkers (an inside play place) on Saturday and the kids had a blast. Evan was in love with Gianna...he kept repeating Gi-Gi over and over again and always wanted to find where she was. Jack did really well with all of the new visitors too. Evan and Luca had their moments, but actually did really well playing together and sharing toys. Toy story toys were a big hit and us adults had fun playing Buzz on PS3. We also had the Powells over on Saturday night so their girls could play with Gi-Gi and they played house. It was really cute. All 6 adults and 5 kids had a great dinner...which was in shifts since our kitchen table isn't big! :)

Our Buzz characters :)



Feeling full after a dinner of salad, pasta con broccoli, chicken parmesan,and apple pie! yum!

Bath time!

 This was the best picture I could get trying to get 5 kids 5 and under to sit still!

Jack did so well with the kids.

 It was a toy story kind of morning :)


The big boys had fun playing Fifa on PS3

It was a great weekend with great friends!