Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1: What they "do"

This February I'm participating in the Joy of Love over at Willette Photography. I've decided to start practicing my photography on manual and thought this would be a great way to improve. This is a free 28 day class and you can sign up too! Each day we receive an email about a photo prompt/assignment for the day.

Today is day 1: What they do...

This is definitely what E does every single day. He plays...he goes in and out, around, and through. Bringing toys out, putting/throwing toys in. It's definitely nice to sit back and see what he chooses to play with every day.

Since this is my first time really shooting in manual, I decided to focus on light. Now I need to continue to practice to focus on the image/sharpness and the picture not being blurry! I've got lots to learn! :)