Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overwhelmed with a capital O

Ugh. Not having the best feels like everything is hitting me at once and I'm not sure where to go with all of it. If you don't want to hear my rambling/venting just skip and not read today! :)

  • Evan and I went to a new playgroup this's called tiny trypsters and it is a creative movement and music class. I knew Evan would love it...except for this first class today. I'm not sure if it was because he was up a lot last night and has been a little under the weather...he's been coughing, irritable, etc. He didn't want to sit still, was running and trying to get into the back of the theater, and was seriously a terror. Me being almost 7 months preggo was not fond of this chase and not listening or paying attention game. He was whining and crying and I just about lost it. We left even before they made it through the first song. On the way home, he was crying and so was I. Just not a good morning. Hopefully next week's class will be better...
  • Trying to finish my master's class this semester. This is the last class and then I will be done, but that includes trying to finish the huge research paper. Trying to find time to do that...yeah...not so much. I try to work on it when E is napping, but then feel like I am letting the house go and usually try to pick up/dishes/laundry during that time. After Evan goes to bed...I am completely wiped out. I just want to go to bed. In the analysis section of the paper that is due in less than 5 days, I have about 5-7 pages to go. 
  • Mike's been working a lot and I'm just feeling overwhelmed at trying to keep everything going here at home and taking care of E when he has to work late. The good news with that is he has Friday and Monday off and we are headed to Indy to see Dan, Amanda, and the girls. So excited to go up there! Dave and Sarah Beth are coming too!
  • Wish packing for trips and laundry would take care of itself though.
  • to drink some hot chocolate and hopefully turn this day around!
At least he can always make me smile, even if he was a stinker earlier today! Thanks Sarah for taking this video. :)


Dan and Amanda said...

Been there, Kase!! Praying today get's better for you... Love you!

Heather S. said...

Totally understand what you are feeling today!! Sorry it has been rough!!

Amber said...

So sorry, Kasey!! Wish I lived closer and could give you a little break! Hope the rest of the day has gotten better.

Leslie Collins said...

Oh...sending hugs your way! I know how exhausting the end of the pregnancy can be and trying to take care of an energetic toddler. It's tough!

Hope tomorrow is better and next week's play group is better, too.