Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February??? Really!

Wow! I can't believe February is already here. It feels like it was just Christmas....that could also be because we are under a huge blizzard warning. Cold, snowy weather does not make me feel like it's Feb. We had freezing rain off and on all day yesterday. Right now they saying 22+ inches of snow is expected today and tomorrow. Schools are closed. The 1 mall we have is closed. Day-cares are closed. They even closed classes at Mizzou. Of course Mike still has to go to work :( What makes it even worse is that they were all called in this morning at 3 am because of a crime committed. So...who knows if he is even going to be able to make it home tonight. I highly doubt it. It's coming down pretty hard here and under that snow is ice. :( Not a good mix for driving. I made him take a pillow and a couple of changes of clothes just in case he had to sleep at the station.

Evan and I are hunkered down for the next few days. I'm just hoping the electricity doesn't go out....We have games planned, movies that need to be watched, and cars that need to be driven. Praying that everyone that is out in this weather stays safe...

Happy cold and snowy February!

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Anonymous said...

Just got the Clery report...that crime was just outside my building. With students all out of class I wouldn't be surprised if he stays very busy.