Monday, September 13, 2010


Wednesday we found out that we are expecting! This was after our 2nd IUI and we definitely thought it would take a little bit longer like it did with Evan. We are beyond thrilled though and can't believe their birthdays will be so close. We officially go to the doctor Oct. 6th to find out the actual due date and to see if there is 1 baby growing in there. (Since I was on Clomid...150 mg...and that definitely increases your chances of multiples...we are wondering how many there are!) Seeing those two lines appear was so exciting and was just as great as the first time. I called Mike right away and he was thrilled too. We went to get a blood test that afternoon to just be sure and indeed...we are! It still seems a little surreal but we are so blessed and so excited!


Amber said...

Oh my gosh!!! SO exciting!! Congratulations!!