Sunday, September 19, 2010

Race for the Cure

Well, we survived the torrential downpour all morning and did the Columbia Race for the Cure. Mike and my sister ran and after realizing the rain wasn't going to stop, my mom, Evan, and I just headed to the finish line. We didn't want Evan to get too wet and I was a tad nauseous. The plus side is I got end of race pictures of Mike and Kelli! Before the race started, it was lightning really bad and my friend, Kayla, her friend Debbie was opening her umbrella and got struck by lightning! After a trip to the hospital she is okay, but still...a very scary moment. Hopefully next year it won't be raining! Even though I didn't walk, I was still a little choked up and emotional at the end watching all the runners/walkers/survivors pass through the finish line. It feels like just yesterday Aunt Barb was with us, but it's been four months. I am so glad Kelli and my mom drove in from St. Louis for the race. (And yes, these first few pics, the sky was really that dark!)

Our team...Mick Deaver FOP-some of Mike's coworkers and their spouses and some of my teaching friends/parents and of course my mom and sister! A great group!

Good job Mike, Buddy and Kelli! They are all three running a half marathon in a couple of weeks and Kelli ran 10 miles yesterday and Buddy and Mike ran 7 extra miles after the 5K this morning! Way to go!