Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Friday...

  • We celebrated Mike's birthday with his parents and his brother and our sis-in-law on Monday night. We had dinner, relaxed, and had some yummy dessert. I still can't believe Mike is 34! 
 (Sarah...sorry for covering your face!)

  • Evan is SO into stuffed animals lately. He can't get enough of these little ones that make the animal noise when you squeeze them. He loves holding two in his hands and then raising one in the air saying "what" and then when we say the animal name, he puts it down and holds up the other one. It's pretty cute. He's also into lining up all of the animals, especially the dogs. :)

 E standing back and admiring his work! ha! :)

  • Blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, strawberries, and watermelon MESS! He was peering around trying to see Mike who had just gotten home. :)

  •  Hoping the weather stays great this weekend. I think we are going to try and tackle some landscaping and get some odds and ends done around the house over this 3 day weekend. Wish us luck! :) Any advice on some low maintenance flowers/bushes/plants???

  • So excited to visit Ryan and Heather next Thursday! Evan and I are flying down to Nashville to see them and poor Mike has the work MU football :( I'm so glad to finally be able to visit and catch up with my friend Heather. It's been way too long and we couldn't even travel to visit them their last weekend in Missouri and their old house because of a wedding of two of his coworkers and then a couple's bridal shower the next day (where Mike is in the wedding of this one). I'm excited to relax, catch up, and just hang out with a friend. 

  • If you could continue to say a prayer for my friend Laura and her mom who is going through chemo, as well as a third grader (at the school where I worked a couple of years ago) who just found out that she has leukemia. Cancer just needs to kill itself and go away....If you want to help please consider donating to the Race for the Cure. Here in Columbia, the walk/run is on Sept. 19th. Here is the link to our team page (if you want to join) and from there you'll see a donate button. Thank you for considering a donation...