Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Advice

Alright folks...we need your help! We have jumped into the wide world of landscaping and we kind of have an idea of what we'd like, but we are 100%, completely open for suggestions.

We took out 5 huge wheelbarrows full of red rock and now we have uneven dirt. So I know we have to make that even! :) Also, on the last picture, those bushes/shrubs will eventually be gone as well. We know we are not going to use mulch and don't want too many flowers. We are thinking of using stones outlining the dirt, but other than that...we don't have a clue! ha!

SO...What do you think? What do you think we should plant? What stones? What kind of rock should we use instead of mulch?

Go ahead and leave a little comment helping us who have NO green thumb! Thank you! :)


jenny said...

okay, so a few questions first ... do you live where animals are going to eat your plants? like deer? i do, so that makes me plant things that will not get destroyed by them.

i just got rid of ALL the rock i had surrounding my gardens. now i just use 'bed builder' which is a type of mulch. looks way more natural which is what i'm all about. i have rocks in my garden, but they are large and add to the 'rock garden' feel. i should take pictures and send them!

if you dig a nice barrier around the edge, then maybe even lay down some garden fabric so you have less weeding to do ... then maybe plant what you want. do you want bushes? flowers? both?

no matter what you go with, remember the color of your brick in the background. if you get rock, get something that blends with that and doesn't look too off ... you know? just my thoughts.

i could keep going on and on. oh, and remember - you don't have to stick to this 'straight' area to work with ... don't be afraid to cut the area out a little more and give it some personality! that also equals less grass to mow! haha!

okay, i'll email you if i have more thoughts - haha! this is the longest comment EVA.

Dan and Amanda said...

Perennials, perennial and more perennials! They come back every year no need to plant again every spring. I'll email you with my ideas!