Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 13: 11th grade

1995-1996. Junior Year. I was extremely excited about this year because my sister was a freshman! It was fun to be in the same building again and driving her to school. I was letting my hair grow out this year so it was definitely in a weird in between stage the whole year! This was also the first year at our school where we had all 4 classes (freshman-senior). Nothing huge sticks out from this year except for playing soccer alongside my sister and I'm sure asking to stay out later than my curfew on the weekends.

I was also very involved this year with extra-curricular activities. I loved being able to connect with people and help get others involved as well. I was in Peer Mentors, Recognition Action Team, and National Honors Society and loved every minute. I'm pretty sure I liked getting out of class for the occasional meeting too!

We were a pretty good basketball team, but since this was only our 2nd year playing Varsity, we weren't as good as the other teams :( We only won 2 games out of 24....definitely bad. But....we always had fun and made some great memories! I was #12!

Soccer was a complete 180* from basketball. We were fantastic and it was so fun to WIN!!! We were ranked #5 in the St. Louis Area and the best part was that Kelli and I were on the same team. I was #12 and I loved that my sister chose #21. The newspaper articles called us the "Merritt System" because we were both the defenders...I played sweeper and Kelli was stopper. I had 1 goal and 5 assists and I was voted the Most Valuable Player that year. I also made 1st team All Conference, 3rd team All Metro and 3rd team All State. This year was one of the best years in Summit soccer history. We were Conference Champs, District Champs, and Sectional Champions. We lost in the 2nd overtime in the State Quarterfinals and I remember sitting on that field and crying because we had worked so hard for so long and deserved to go on to the next round. I remember having cramps in my calves and feeling them burn and cramp almost the whole overtime. It was devastating that we lost and we were crushed. We were 18-3...lots of memories, hard work, and fun this year.

My club team, JB Marine, will always hold a special place in my heart. These girls and I literally grew up together. We've traveled together in some wonderful places (and not so wonderful places). We've won tournaments, lost games, and sweated our butts off during our many, many practices. I would not change it for the world.

Having recorded my year in the back of my yearbook each year was a great review of everything that I was involved in as well as the great memories from that year.

Since this was the first year having seniors, the Class of 1996 was pretty special and everyone came out to their graduation. It was history! :) It was SO sad to see my friends graduate...friends that I had been in school with forever...but I was definitely glad to be a SENIOR!!!!!!

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Crystal said...

What a great idea to record everything from that year within your yearbook! Makes recording your youth now a lot easier I bet! Maybe I will have to record that for my own children (someday they will thank me I'm sure!).
Looks like you were pretty busy too!
Thanks for sharing!!

Olivia said...

I love all your pics! And I love the fact that you and your sister were involved in things together! That's wonderful!

MommaHarms said...

Great pics and memories. I love seeing how sports shaped your character growing up.