Monday, September 13, 2010


This past weekend Evan and I flew to Nashville to see the Morrisons. Unfortunately Mike had to work the MU football game on Saturday and wasn't able to come. We flew out on Thursday night and Evan did surprisingly well on the flight considering it was WAY past his bedtime. He loved watching the men load up the bags onto the plane and liked watching Toy Story on the Ipod too. :) Heather and Ryan had just got their boxes into their new house but had already done so much work. Evan had a blast running after Savannah and Sawyer and getting into their stuff :) Heather and I had fun catching up and chatting and unpacking boxes, and boxes, and boxes...and flattening all of the paper that comes in those boxes. There was SO much paper in those boxes! Here are some pictures from our great weekend! Can't wait to go back and visit!

Eating lunch with Mike before taking off for St. Louis...

Napping on the way to STL