Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday 10 sports edition

  1. What a great story! There are such amazing people out there in the world and this story makes my heart smile!
  2. Another athlete with a powerful  story. We'll forgive him for going to Nebraska :) What an amazing guy with a great heart!
  3. This makes me miss playing soccer...what an phenomenal goal!
  4. Glad this coach is staying at Mizzou!
  5. Won't see my husband till the playoffs are over....just kiddin'...(kind of) :)
  6. Cards and Mets...can't believe they lost in the 20 inning game
  7. Can't wait to see my college soccer friend, Ifeoma, play this summer in the Women's Professional Soccer League!
  8. Can't believe the mess the volcanic ash in Europe is making on air travel...good thing soccer teams can take a bus for the European semi finals. 
  9. Love this athlete and the charity he and his family founded...what a great man!
  10. Getting started early with this little one! :)