Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday girl

My friend Mandi's little girl, Mia, turned 2 years old and we got to celebrate with her! Mandi and I literally grew up together. We were friends before we were even born and I'm so thankful that we still talk and are there for each other. I'll try to find some old school pictures from when we were babies. :) We had a gorgeous day at the park celebrating Mia. The weather was beautiful and it was relaxing to just hang out and watch the kids play while we caught up and visited.

Did I mention that the park was a horse farm with a great playground and track? It was pretty neat to be able to feed the horses! Evan loved seeing the horses and walking around on the grass.

Aunt Kelli and Evan with his "ooooh" face! :)

Evan went swinging...

got kisses from Grandma...

thought he was big stuff walking around the playground by himself...

Tried climbing....he was so.close to getting up there on his own!

Birthday Girl Mia adorable!

Evan played soccer with a little boy who was super cute and came over to give Evan a hug and a kiss

Mia was so cute when we sang to her and blew out her candles and then she daintily ate her cupcake one lick at a time! :)

She loved her big puppy dog that she got as a gift!

All of us...Mandi, her brother Adam, me, Kelli, and Mia and Evan

Had a great day! Thanks Mandi and Matt! :) Happy Birthday Mia!


Mandi said...

Thanks so much for making the trip to STL for Mia's party! It was so great to see you and Evan! Hope he is feeling better soon! By the way, Mia loves her sit and spin!!!