Tuesday, April 27, 2010

11 months

Dear Evan,
 Today you are 11 months old and I can not believe that we are one month away from your first birthday! You love playing with Jack and throwing things to him. It's adorable to watch, especially when you shout out "Yack." You are very vocal and say many things....the ones we understand are yack (jack), dad, da-da, mama, what, dat (that), bob (bye), ha (hi), and ba-ba. It's crazy how fast you can walk and your new favorite thing is to walk back and forth in your crib, which is why it takes a lot longer for you to fall asleep. You love carrying your clothes around and are so happy when you have socks in your hand! You also have started to flail your head and body back, which is making it a lot harder to dress and change your diaper. So...hopefully that won't last much longer :) You had a busy month traveling back from Florida, getting a new swing set, seeing Tons of Trucks and Clydesdale Horses at events here in Columbia, visiting St. Louis for a birthday party, walking on Faurot Field, and the worst part of the month was you getting sick. You were sick (virus and a sinus infection) for about three weeks, but 4 of those days were just awful. You had a fever of 104* and 105* and it was scary to see you so sick. Thank goodness the medicine worked and you are now feeling better! You are growing up so fast but you will always be our little boy! Happy 11 months!
We love you! Love, Mommy and Daddy


Dan and Amanda said...

He's getting so big!!! Can't wait to see him next month!!!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh! Really?? Almost a year old! Time sure is flying!