Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last full day in Florida...

Our last day was spent at the Naples Pier while the rest of the crew went to the beach for most of the day. It's hard having a baby who can't be in the sun that much and who still takes naps! We did have fun though and saw dolphins at the pier. They were SO close and people were just walking out to them. It was crazy! We also went to Tin City before heading back for Evan's nap. Dan and Harold made these huge holes in the ground, which was the talk of the beach. The girls had fun playing in there and the rest of the kids were jealous. It was a great last day and we had a fantastic week. The weather was gorgeous and it was a great way to celebrate Lynne and Harold's 40th anniversary. Madison and Mallory loved playing with Evan and Evan already misses his cousins!

We headed back early the next day and it made for a long traveling day...we had a layover in Houston, but Evan was a champ. Definitely better than Mike or I! ha! My dad picked us up and we headed over to see my Aunt Barbara who is still fighting....so your prayers would be appreciated. Most of the family was there celebrating the good weather and the Easter weekend. It's always nice to go on vacation, but it's definitely great to get back home and get back into the swing of things. Thanks Lynne and Harold for a great trip and thanks to my mom, dad, and grandma for watching Jack for us while we were gone! He was happy to be on "vacation" too, but it exhausted and glad to be home again too! :)  We missed him!
Happy Spring Everyone!!!!!

View of St. Louis and the Mississippi River...Do you see the Arch???? Look carefully...it's between the two bridges! :)