Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 6...Everglades and swimming...

We headed out on a fantastic Everglades airboat ride and ended the day in the swimming pool. The Everglades ride was amazing....Madison and Mallory even got to feed marshmallows to the huge gator we saw swimming. Evan did fairly well on the airboat once he could see me or Mike. He did enjoy the wind in his face and even touched an alligator, as did all of the other girls...Mike, Dan, and Harold opted out...I guess they were too scared ;) After the airboat ride, we headed to Cracklin' Jacks to eat and we tried alligator bites and frog legs. The alligator wasn't too bad...it tasted like chicken! After getting back home, we went swimming and decided to see what Evan would do once we dunked him. He did hold his breath and came up wide eyed...he didn't choke or cry, so I think it was a success!


Nicole said...

Oooh fun! We were just watching a thing on animal planet about how the exotic animal trade introduced Burmese pythons to FL and there are an estimated 150,000 Burmese pythons living in FL- many in the Everglades, some being up to 20 ft long and eating alligators!

Looks like you guys had a great trip!