Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tons of Trucks

Yesterday we went to this event called Tons of Trucks, which happens every year in Columbia and there were so many different kinds of cool trucks. The great part is the kids could get in an pretend to drive, honk the horn, etc. We met up with one of Mike's coworkers and his little boy who was in heaven. It was great to watch him get so excited. Evan just took it all in and was amazed at the noise, horns, lights and the people. There were oil trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, bulldozers, cranes, tow trucks, tractors, cement trucks, dump truck, bookmobile, school bus, street sweepers and tons more. :)


MS said...

My daughter took Dane to the same event and I saw some of the same pictures that you have posted only he is in them instead of Evan. I bet the mule is in a lot of pictures floating around! A great event that must be so much fun for the kids. I can only hope that this event doesn't get cut because of the budget woes.