Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winner of SIL's blog posts

I was a tad bit late getting a number to you...but the # of comments didn't change in that time. Those of you who read this post were entered into the random number generator for some goodies from me. What I did was go to the Indy Laughlins blog and write out who left a comment and what time that comment was left. I gave each person a number based on the time that they left it. If you left more than 1 comment, I only counted you once! :)
The winner was #6, which was Katie Mohr, Amanda's friend from college! Congrats! I know Katie has been waiting forever to get Amanda on the blog wagon.... Katie, I will send you some goodies when I get back from vacation! :)
Thank you all for making Amanda's transition to the blog world fun! :) Thanks for playing and don't forget to keep reading her blog and also my sister's blog! :)