Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're home....and busy! :)

Mike and I got home yesterday afternoon after picking Jack up at my parents house. Jack was zonked out the rest of the day! He always has such a good time at their house...lots of spoiling! After unpacking, I went to a birthday party. A.M. was a student I had last year and her and her family invited me since there was 10 other students in my class there too. I had such a great time. B and K did such a great job for their daughter's birthday party. They decorated shirts (party favors) while waiting for the rest of the kids to get there. Then we ate delicious bbq. They did a scavenger hunt around their property looking for clues and then they had to put the words together in a paragraph to make it make sense. They bobbed for apples, had a kickball game, and a silly string tag game! It was a lot of fun! We had cake and ice cream and then watched her open presents. It was a very fun filled 2 and a half hours! :) After I left there, Mike's work buddies started a volleyball team, so we headed over there for a double header. They won the first game and lost the second. It was a great night so we stayed on the patio playing washers and then a couple of games of pool until 1:30 am.... Here are some pics from the birthday party...
A.M.'s mom told me that A. now loves kickball because we played it so much during the last two years. We played it for rewards, at the end of the year, and just as a surprise throughout the years. I am so excited that she has such a great memory from playing with her classmates. Her mom said she has gained so much confidence from playing!

Looking for clues...

Bobbin' for apples

Silly string tag! This was SO much fun!