Saturday, July 19, 2008

ABC's about me...

ABC's about me
  • Accent: sometimes...but not really
  • Breakfast: usually coffee (I know it's not very healthy!) I do like cereal and peanut butter waffles
  • Chores I don’t like: makes me sneeze!
  • Dog or Cat: no cats please! We love Jack boy!
  • Essential Electronics: laptop, camera, phone, and ipod
  • Favorite Cologne: I have no idea...but I like what Mike wears (David Beckham)
  • Gold or Silver: Silver
  • Handbag I wear most often: I switch them up alot because I get bored...but they are all from Target
  • Insomnia: nope.
  • Job title: Teacher
  • Kids: hopefully many!
  • Living arrangements: 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in Columbia
  • Most admirable trait: friendly and caring
  • Naughtiest childhood behavior: not listening or being a smartmouth!
  • Overnight hospital stays: Way too many to count. At least 10 with surgeries....
  • Phobias: Heights, bugs, storms, and the dark.
  • Quote: It's pretty standard, but I love "Live well, Laugh Often, and Love much"
  • Reason to smile: Knowing that God loves me, hearing Jack snore, having my family and my husband say I love you, and another beautiful day
  • Siblings: 1 brother & 1 sister
  • Time I wake up: During the school year, 5:30 am; in am
  • Unusual talent or skill: I don't have too much that is least I can't think of any right now.
  • Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussels sprouts.
  • Worst habit: cracking my knuckles...definitely
  • X-Rays: Are you kidding? Want to see them? Way too many....
  • Yummy stuff: chocolate chip cookies and Shakespears' pizza. Not combined.
  • Zoo animal I like most: tigers