Tuesday, July 15, 2008

River ridin' and cave crusin'

Today Mike's parents, Lynne and Harold, were on their way to Indiana, so they stopped in Hannibal to spend the day with us. We went on a riverboat ride and in Mark Twain's cave. It was a great way to spend the day. The Riverboat ride was an hour long and it was very relaxing and breezy, even though it was humid outside. After the trip, we went into the cave where it was a cool 52*. It was very nice to walk through after being so hot. A great way to spend our last day!!! We are headed back to St. Louis tomorrow to see my parents/family and to get Jack. We'll probably head back to Columbia on Thursday morning to get our house back in order before Mike goes back to work on Monday.
The above picture is what someone burned into the limestone and drew...from 1923. It was very cool to walk through the cave and see all the history. Jesse James even signed the cave! Some of the spaces were a bit short! :) These signatures were burned into the wall in 1882 and 1883!
Picture perfect! Back at our place....we are leaving tomorrow!!!!


Dan and Amanda said...

Dan and I were cracking up at the picture of you and Mike. (behind the Tom loves Becky sign) Was Mike giving a thumbs up? :)

K.M.L said...

Yep...definitely a thumbs up! He's a dork! :)

Leslie Collins said...

Great pic's.

Have a safe trip driving home.

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! :)